Social Media And Contact Center Solutions

social-media-contact-centers“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time” – Abraham Lincoln

For us, the future is already here and has brought with it one of the most powerful tools of its time – The Internet.

The internet has introduced to the world better and quicker ways to communicate, completely eliminating time and distance as factors of separation.  Email, video and voice chats have brought the world closer but nothing has had a bigger impact on communications than Social Media. Bringing with it a number of platforms to share pictures, experiences and do some serious networking, Social Media has swiftly moved out of the realms of personal communication and is now considered to offer the best avenues for one-on-one contact of an organization with its customers.

No more worrying about recruiting massive number of resources to attend to customers, no more fighting to keep up with growing volumes and demands of customer interactions. Social Media allows communications with customers in a more focused and feasible manner. Popular channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and even WhatsApp can transform the way you get information and feedback off your customer base. However, it must be kept in mind that Social Media can never be an end unto itself.Hence, it is of essence to have a seamless integration between all forms of communications of an organisation. This integration allows a customer to be taken from one platform to another as per their requirements and with little or no intervention on their part. Post integration, organisations can use the Social Media platforms to send out specific messages to target audience and listen in on their feedback too. This data can be then used to get an idea of the general sentiment in the market regarding the company as well as the response to any launches and/or events by the organisation. At a certain stage of evolution, organisations can also look forward to transferring almost the entire responsibility of initiating and maintaining contact with customers, with Contact Centres acting as a backup. Eventually, they can also target launching via mobile apps With improved efficiency and lower expenses in terms of maintenance, Contact Centres can turn into revenue generating centres where end-to-end solutions for Sales-driven decisions can be provided.

The need to integrate  all channels viz email, chat, voice, video & social media  and give the agent a unified view  gets priority as the customer can seamlessly move from one channeel to another. Integrating all the channels reduces the overhead of having to manage multiple avenues at all times and makes it easier to maintain and respond to the customers accordingly. With the right combination of efforts, a larger number of customers can be engaged. With regular updates more and more people can be persuaded to stop by to visit the company pages and website. The increasing following on the platforms can make them a perfect hotspot for a sales pitch.

So hop onto the Social Media bandwagon and hang onto what is bound to be the ride of a lifetime!

Written by Manisha Gupta – Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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