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Raising funds is a difficult task for non profit organizations, who rely on donors, foundations, companies, and government for support. Inadequate communication channels can make it hard for them to connect with donors. NGO's contact center software by Teckinfo is specifically designed to help them with their fundraising efforts.

NGO-specific solution provides features to improve communication, streamline operations, and manage relationships with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. This helps charitable institutes enhance their impact and successfully fulfil their mission.

“Enhance your NGO's outreach with call center software, improving donor engagement, volunteer management, and communication efficiency.”

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Key Features of Call Center Software for NGOs

Multi-Way Communication

Improve communication among donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries by enabling interactions through voice, email, WhatsApp, and social media.

Interactive Voice Response

Utilize IVR systems to handle frequently asked questions and route calls to the appropriate departments, decreasing the tasks for human agents.

Chat and Voice Bots

By tailoring responses for donation and volunteer interactions, self-service chatbots can effectively support users at any time of day or night.

Predictive Dialer

Accelerate the success of outreach campaigns by automating outbound calls with NGO's call center software and connect with a greater number of potential leads.

Voice Blaster

Transmit pre-recorded voice messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously, great for sharing important updates or making urgent announcements.

Campaign Management

Boost the efficiency of your fundraising campaigns by using call center software to connect with potential donors and manage their contributions.

Call Recording

Record phone conversations for quality control, training and comply with regulations to maintain company standards and resolve disputes effectively.

Work From Anywhere

Allow call centre agents to work remotely, NGOs can ensure that their services remain accessible to those in need, regardless of external challenges.

Scalability and Flexibility

Effortlessly scale operations to meet the demands of specific campaigns or initiatives, optimizing resource utilisation for your non-profit organization.

Secure and Reliable

Ensure that all communication and data handling adhere to data protection laws like GDPR. It's necessary to uphold trust with donors and beneficiaries.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with CRM systems to keep a complete record of donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries for improved tracking and relationship management.

ID Cloud Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

Omnichannel Support

Consistency in communication and engagement can be achieved by offering a seamless experience on different channels.

Communication Techniques

Streamline your donation management process and keep your patrons updated and engaged with regular communication efforts.

Live Updates

 Take advantage of WhatsApp to offer instant updates, reminders, and location changes for volunteer-run events or projects.

Masking and Encryption

Keep interactions between volunteers and agents confidential by using phone number masking in your call center for NGO's.

Customized Interactions

Enhance engagement and satisfaction by personalizing interactions with CRM data based on contact history and preferences.

Quality Control

Improve service by monitoring live calls and recordings in non profit organizations to give feedback and training to agents.

Donor Loyalty

Utilize data analysis to find trends and create plans to keep donors engaged, securing ongoing backing for the NGO's goals.

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    How can call center software help an NGO?

    Our software for NGO’s helps to improve communication with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. It can automate tasks for more efficient outreach campaigns, streamline donation management, volunteer coordination, and provides real-time analytics for better decision-making.

    Yes, our ID Cloud software can easily integrate with all popular CRM systems. This integration helps NGOs maintain a centralized database of all interactions, ensuring personalized and efficient communication with stakeholders. It also assists in managing relationships and tracking engagement across different channels.

    Absolutely, our cloud-based solution is designed to be highly scalable. It can accommodate projects of any size, whether small or large. Non-profit organization can easily adjust resources to support their campaigns effectively.

    ID Cloud has strong security features like encryption, access controls, and audits to safeguard sensitive data. Our platform ensures safe handling of donor and beneficiary information.