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Healthcare organizations must constantly contend with patient’s expectations for exceptional services. Timely and reliable communication of accurate information is critical to effective health care delivery. More so because errors or delays can impact people’s lives and well-being.

Teckinfo has domain experience in patient care management and has been involved with leading pharmaceutical companies. Co-ordination between the patient and doctor for specialized drugs calibration for its optimum benefits, scheduling of calls between the doctor and patients, capturing vital information of patient’s health and monitoring of their health parameters, and keeping data secure and confidential are some of the tasks accomplished by Teckinfo's healthcare call center software.

ID Cloud Contact Center Solution - A bridge between healthcare and connectivity to shape the future where every interaction enhances the patient journey.

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Why healthcare organizations should choose ID Cloud Contact Center Solution?​

ID Cloud platform is meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges of health care organizations, offering a secure and efficient way to connect patients, caregivers, and administrative staff. Experience a transformative shift in communication with our state-of-the-art cloud contact center solutions. From appointment scheduling to remote consultations, our platform empowers healthcare providers to deliver personalized and timely services. Security and compliance are at the forefront of our design, ensuring that sensitive patient information is safeguarded while maintaining critical regulatory standards.

Our multi-channel unified solution has many practical applications for the health care facilities and industry:

Appointment and Reminders


Clinical and Patient Surveys & many more

Patient care and Health Advice

Post Discharge Follow-ups

Enhance Patient Care with Healthcare Contact Center Solution​

Multi-Channel Communication

Supports various communication channels, including voice, email, chat, and video, to accommodate diverse patient preferences and needs.

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent routing algorithms help connect patients with the most appropriate agent based on availability, skills, and expertise or any predefined rule.

Queue Management

Efficiently manage call queues with healthcare contact center to minimize wait times for patients and ensure a smooth flow of calls to agents.

Interactive Voice Response

Implement an IVR system that can perform initial triage by gathering information from patients and directing them to the right department.

Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools help monitor performance, track key metrics, and identify areas for improvement in patient interactions.

Quality Monitoring and Recording

Monitor and record interactions with healthcare call center solution to ensure quality standards are met and compliance regulations are adhered to.

Remote Accessibility

Remote access for agents provides flexibility in workforce management, especially during times of crisis or for supporting a distributed team.


Scale easily to accommodate varying call volumes and ensure the system remains responsive during peak times and adapts to changes in demand.

Real-time Collaboration

Facilitates collaboration among medical professionals by allowing real-time communication and information sharing, improving overall efficiency.

Automated Follow-ups

Implement our unified solution ID Cloud for automated follow-ups to check patient satisfaction, gather feedback, and address outstanding issues.

Compliance and Security

Compliance with the HIPAA safeguards patient information and robust data encryption helps protect sensitive data and maintain confidentiality.

ID Cloud – Robust Software for Healthcare Industry

Integration capabilities for Communication Excellence and Patient-Centric Operations

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  • Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR): Seamless integration with EHR systems provides agents instant access to patient information, facilitating quicker and more informed responses.
  • Customer Relationship Management Integration: Integration of CRM in healthcare industry enhances patient interactions and provide a more personalized experience due to easy accessibility of data.
  • Telehealth Platforms Integration: A unified approach to patient communication allows medical professionals to seamlessly transition from calls to virtual appointments when necessary.
  • Appointment Scheduling Systems: Integration of healthcare call center solution with appointment scheduling tools facilitates real-time scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellations.
  • Pharmacy Systems: Unification of data with pharmacy systems enables prescription processing, helps to address refill requests and improves over all coordination.

Integrate Social Threads, Foster Connections, Nurture Health and Share Healing Moments Across Communities​

  • Unified Inbox: Integrate social media interactions into a unified inbox with other channels, ensuring a centralized platform for managing patient communications efficiently.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Enable patients to schedule or inquire about appointments directly through social media channels, integrating seamlessly with appointment scheduling systems.
  • Escalation Processes: Healthcare contact center software can help define escalation process for handling sensitive or urgent issues raised on social media, ensuring a prompt response.
  • Social Listening: Incorporate tools to monitor broader social conversations in the healthcare industry, allowing organizations to stay informed about trends, and concerns.
  • Customer Feedback Management: Integrate feedback from social media into a feedback management system, allowing organizations to gather insights and continuously improve their services.
  • Education and Outreach: Use social media for educational purposes, sharing health tips, news, and updates to engage with the community and promote public health awareness.
  • Social Media Campaign Tracking: Track the performance of social media campaigns with the best healthcare call center solution to measure the impact and results of outreach efforts.
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WhatsApp Business API Integration for Instant, Personalized Connectivity and Wholesome Care

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  • Two-Way Messaging: Enable medical providers to send and receive messages with patients through WhatsApp, fostering seamless communication with patient and families.
  • Appointment Reminders: With healthcare contact center solution send automated reminders and confirmations via WhatsApp to reduce no-show rates and improve appointment adherence.
  • Chatbots and Automation: Implement chatbots on WhatsApp to handle routine inquiries, appointment scheduling, and basic information retrieval, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Multi-Media Support: Allow patients to share images, documents, voice messages or video consultation securely through WhatsApp for a more comprehensive communication experience.
  • Integration with EHR Systems: Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp interactions with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to access and update patient information in real-time.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Enable patients to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments directly through WhatsApp, integrated with scheduling systems for real-time updates.
  • Prescription Refills: Facilitate prescription refill requests and coordination between health care providers, patients and pharmacies through secure WhatsApp channels.
  • Broadcast Messages: Use WhatsApp for broadcast messages to send important health updates, vaccination reminders, or general health information to a wide patient audience.
  • Language Support: Our software solution for healthcare industry provides support for diverse patient populations, allowing communication in multiple languages through WhatsApp.
  • Emergency Notifications: Send critical health alerts and emergency notifications to patients in a timely manner through WhatsApp, ensuring swift communication during urgent situations

Conversational AI for Personalized Interactions Dialogues and Enhanced Patient Experiences

  • Chatbot Integration: Integrate chatbots to automate routine tasks, answer frequently asked questions and assist patients with common inquiries in your health care organization.
  • Voice Recognition: With voice recognition capabilities, patients can interact with the system using voice commands, offering an alternative to text-based communication.
  • Voice Recognition: With voice recognition capabilities, patients can interact with the system using voice commands, offering an alternative to text-based communication.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Healthcare contact center software assist patients in scheduling, rescheduling, or cancelling appointments, seamlessly integrating with scheduling systems.
  • Medication Reminders: Implement features for medication reminders and automatic follow-ups, leveraging conversational AI to enhance patient adherence to treatment plans.
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In conclusion, the healthcare call center software emerges as a pivotal force in reshaping the landscape of communication. By prioritizing identity-centric security, agility, and personalized interactions, it not only meets the demands of the modern medical ecosystem but sets a new standard for patient-centric care in the digital age. As organizations navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving healthcare industry, ID Cloud stands as a beacon, seamlessly integrating technology to foster secure, flexible, and deeply engaging interactions. Through scalable infrastructure, real-time collaboration, and AI-driven innovations, it not only addresses the immediate communication needs but also lays the foundation for a future where every patient interaction is a testament to the commitment of health care providers.

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    See Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a cloud contact center solution differ from traditional solution for healthcare industry?
    Unlike traditional centres, ID Cloud a cloud-based communication platform tailored for health care organizations, prioritizes agility, identity-centric security protocols to safeguard sensitive health data and personalized interactions, ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, ensuring the secure transmission and storage of patient information and enhancing overall patient care.
    ID Cloud solution leverages data-driven insights to personalize patient interactions. From appointment reminders to post-care follow-ups, the solution enables health care providers to tailor communication, fostering stronger patient engagement and satisfaction.
    It seamlessly integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems and other healthcare applications, creating a unified communication ecosystem. This integration reduces administrative burdens and enhances overall workflow efficiency.
    Yes, ID Cloud facilitates remote access, enabling health care professionals to connect from anywhere. This feature enhances flexibility, promoting continuous and efficient patient care, especially in scenarios that require remote work.
    Yes, the solution supports AI-driven automation for routine tasks such as appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and FAQs. This automation enhances efficiency, allowing organizations to focus on more complex, patient-centered tasks.
    Yes, ID Cloud is designed for scalability. Whether a small clinic or a large hospital network, the solution can adapt to varying communication demands, providing a flexible and responsive infrastructure.