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Rising urbanization and disposable incomes have already helped India's real estate market flourish and point to even greater expansion. Thanks to the spread of nuclear families and metropolitan townships, the explosion of commercial and residential projects has sharpened competitiveness. Real estate companies must employ lead-generating techniques and follow up closely to reach high conversion rates.

ID Cloud, a call center solution tailored for real estate, makes effective lead management accessible. With a multi-million advertisement blitz carried out by all major industry players over a variety of medium, be it print, digital, television etc. necessitates a comprehensive lead capture and management, using a cloud-based software, that can address customer needs in the shortest period of time.

Embrace ID Cloud solution to Unlock your Real Estate Business' Full Potential and Achieve Sustainable Growth.

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Features of Teckinfo's Software for Real Estate Industry

Multi-Channel Marketing

A single platform that incorporates phone, email, chat, and social media simplifies client interaction by utilizing a unified platform and covers all contact channels.

Predictive, Progressive and Preview Dialer

More effective and efficient outreach is possible with the use of real estate outbound call center software which improves call operations and agent efficiency.

Smart Routing

Improve operational efficiency and satisfaction by reducing wait times and appropriately routing calls with modern interactive voice response technology.

Voice Logger

Maintain excellent customer service and agent performance through the use of call recording and tracking for quality assurance, training, and assessment purposes.

Automated Dialogue

Implement artificial intelligence as part of your conversation management strategy to boost client engagement and deliver intelligent and timely messages.

WhatsApp and Chat bots

Have better user interactions via chat and voice bots powered by artificial intelligence that ensure the expeditious and accurate dissemination of information.

Customer Relationship Management Integration

By linking real estate call center with CRM systems, you may construct a centralized database in which all the customer information is easily accessible and up to date.

Immediate Data Analysis

Keep an eye on key performance indicators with the use of detailed dashboards so you can make data-driven decisions that will improve your company's overall strategy.

Ability to scale

Customise your support network to meet the business requirements by scaling up or down as necessary to meet demand without compromising the quality of services.

Benefits of Real Estate Contact Center Software

Maximize Conversions
Manage and cultivate leads as they move through the sales funnel to increase conversion rates and the number of clients acquired.
Increase Sales
Simplify lead management and follow-up methods with real estate contact center solution to boost sales and propel the company to success.
Improved Productivity
With the use of virtual assistants, answer the common queries easily and enable human agents to focus on high-value interactions.
Enhance Customer Experience
Clients will be more loyal and inclined to make additional purchases if you meet their specific wants with a smooth experience.
Financial Efficiency
Operating expenditures are reduced, leading to increased profitability through effective automation and management of resources.
Flexibility and Extensibility
Build a resilient and adaptable business that can effortlessly expand in response to changes in the market needs and environment easily.
Data-Driven Decisions
Improve real estate companies’ strategy and performance by enhancing the future plans through the utilization of real-time analytics.
Raise Efficiency in Teamwork
By utilizing integrated communication technologies, enhance teamwork, guaranteeing that collaboration is easy and operations are efficient.
Source Wise Analysis
Track which media or campaign are bringing in more revenue and leads to measure the impact and ROI of each medium of advertisement.

Utilise ID Cloud, call centre software for real estate industry to maximize lead generation. Contact us right now!

Unlocking Sales Potential with Appointment Setting Solution​

24/7 Customer Service

Ensure your clients always receive assistance when they need it by providing round-the-clock support with omnichannel communication.

Schedule Appointments

By managing property viewings and customer visits, real estate contact center can streamline scheduling, and ensure user satisfaction.

Campaign Follow-Up

Get back in touch with cold leads and increase your conversion rate by using follow-up strategies that are tailored to your specific needs.

Business Analysis

To keep ahead of the competition, use analytics to learn about customer tastes and market tendencies for strategic decision-making.

Property Listings

Share real-time updates on different properties with potential buyers and renters. Also, schedule and conduct interactive tours.

Online Chat Assistance

By responding to queries in real-time, real estate call center can increase client happiness and provide instant support through live chat.

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    See Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a real estate call center solution?
    This solution improves client communication and lead management via omnichannel support, automated dialers, sticky routing, built-in IVR for regional languages, VIP customer service, and more.
    It can handle all types of customer’s request, including inquiries about property listings, scheduling property tours, following up on leads, service support, and more.
    Yes, our solution supports multi-channel communication, including voice, emails, WhatsApp messaging, chat and social media, ensuring consistent client experience.
    Our solution uses advanced security measures, including encryption, number masking, and regular security audits to ensure your data is protected.
    ID Cloud’s call-back option automatically schedules a callback for any missed inquiry, guaranteeing that no prospective lead is overlooked. The technology ensures that a follow-up call is initiated regardless of the initial contact method, guaranteeing a 100% contact rate with all potential prospects. This enhances lead capture and conversion rates.