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One of our key offerings is an advanced voice bot solution, a powerful tool designed to transform your contact center operations. Leveraging state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning algorithms it is it is an intelligent virtual assistant that understands and responds to customer queries in real-time and delivers exceptional customer experiences. Integrated with ID Cloud contact centre software our AI powered solution automates routine interactions and frees up human agents to focus on complex and high-value tasks.

By automating routine interactions, it reduces the workload on human agents, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks. This improves operational efficiency and reduces staffing costs. Additionally, the Voice Bot can handle a higher volume of customer inquiries, leading to shorter wait times and increased productivity.

Voice Bot Solutions that enable Customers to Connect with you through Automated Speech Response in their Chosen Language on Multiple Channels

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How does an AI Voice Bot Function?

AI voicebots comprehend the speaker’s request through natural language and voice recognition in real-time without human intervention and use it to converse with the caller. To develop these bots following key elements are needed:
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) that listens to caller’s request
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that comprehends the caller’s intent
  • Conversations Module that establishes the correct response
  • Text-to-Speech System (TTS) that converts the query in text to audio

Uses of Advanced Voicebot Solution

Voicebots are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that automate communication through digital channels. Unlike self-service IVR’s, caller’s need not listen to menu options and press conforming numbers on their calling device, using natural language processing the callers can traverse the system in their voice. Voice Bots help comprehend customer’s intent and steer them to an appropriate and effective response. Organizations can augment contact center automation for their business processes viz: answer frequently asked questions, schedule and manage appointments, debt collection reminder calls, insurance renewal calls.


Banks can use bots to remind customers about payments due via outbound calls, launch loan application, process requests for debit and credit card loss or theft, verify users' identities online and complete KYC, send alerts and notifications in case of emergency and suspicious account activities and more.


Insurance companies can use our solution to assist customers in selecting the right policies and fill forms, conduct eKYC for customers, update customers on their policies, apprise customers about policies, assist users with the claims process, gather customer feedback about services provided and more.

Health Care

Healthcare organizations can use these to schedule and fix appointments, gather information about new patients, remind patients about doctor follow-ups and medicine time table, share health tips and awareness about common diseases and more.


E-commerce companies can use a bot to assist customers in the purchasing process, update customers on the latest offers and campaigns, make recommendations based on cart history, provide 24 x 7 customer support and more.

Key Features of Contact Center Automation

  • Automatic Speech Recognition: Performs well with different accents to enhance accuracy, language adaptability, reach and enables personalized interactions for a diverse user base.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Intelligently routes calls to the most appropriate agent or department based on the nature of the inquiry or customer's preferences. This reduces wait times and improves first-call resolution rates.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Integration: Integrates with IVR systems, allowing customers to navigate through self-service options using voice commands. This enables efficient call handling and reduces the need for agent intervention.
  • Outbound Call Capabilities: Initiate outbound calls to customers for various purposes, such as appointment reminders, surveys, or order confirmations. It can handle automated outbound interactions, freeing up agents for more complex tasks.
  • Self-Service Capabilities: Provide self-service options to customers for guiding them through relevant knowledge base to find answers to queries and resolve common issues independently.
  • Real time Agent Assistance: In scenarios where the AI-powered Voice Bots cannot resolve an issue, it can be trained to transfer the call to a human agent while providing contextual information about the customer's query. This ensures a smooth transition and minimizes customer frustration.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Employs sentiment analysis techniques to understand the emotional state of customers during interactions. This enables proactive identification of dissatisfied customers and facilitates prompt intervention by human agents.
  • Easy Integration and Deployment: Can be integrated into your existing contact center infrastructure, CRM software’s, or 3rd party applications and database. It is designed for easy deployment, enabling a smooth transition without disrupting your current operations.
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting: With contact center automation you get a comprehensive view of performance metrics and analytics, allowing you to monitor its effectiveness and track key performance indicators (KPIs), to enable continuous improvement and optimization.

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Benefits of Teckinfo’s Voice Bot for Call Center Automation

Voice bots can be programmed to address common and repetitive inquiries, effectively functioning as the initial tier of customer support.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With virtual assistants, customers receive prompt and accurate responses to their inquiries, leading to higher satisfaction levels. The availability of 24/7 support and personalized interactions enhances the overall customer experience.

Increased Efficiency

By automating routine interactions, our voice bot platforms frees up your human agents to focus on more complex and high-value tasks. This improves operational efficiency, reduces average handling times, and increases productivity.

Cost Savings

By leveraging our solution, you can reduce staffing costs associated with handling routine inquiries. With automation handling a significant portion of customer interactions, you can optimize your workforce and allocate resources more efficiently.

Consistent Service Delivery

It provides a consistent and standardized level of service, ensuring that every customer receives the same quality of support. This eliminates variations in agent performance and ensures a uniform customer experience.

Increased First-Call Resolution

The advanced capabilities of our call center automation solution, including its natural language understanding and contextual awareness, enables it to resolve a wide range of customer inquiries on the first call. This leads to higher first-call resolution rates and reduces the need for customers to be transferred between agents or departments.

Reduced Wait Times

Automate repetitive tasks and efficiently route calls for shorter wait times for customers before getting connected to the agent or receiving the information they need. This minimizes customer frustration and improves service levels.

Enhanced Data Insights

Our software captures and analyzes customer interactions, providing valuable data insights. These insights can be leveraged to identify customer trends, preferences, and pain points, enabling data-driven decision-making and targeted improvements in your contact center strategies.

Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows or experiences seasonal fluctuations in call volumes, our AI based solution can be easily scaled to handle increased demand. This scalability ensures that your contact center operations remain efficient and effective.

Continuous Improvement

Our AI-based voice bot software is continuously learning and adapting based on user feedback and data insights. It evolves over time to better understand customer needs and preferences, ensuring ongoing improvements in its performance and customer satisfaction levels.
Our AI voice bot is a game-changer for contact centres, providing advanced automation tools and personalised customer interactions. By leveraging its natural language understanding, contextual awareness, and seamless integration capabilities, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and achieve cost savings. With features such as multichannel support, outbound call capabilities, and real-time agent assistance, our ID Cloud software offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing your contact center operations. Embrace the power of AI-driven automation and revolutionize your customer service with our voice bots. Contact us today to explore how we can help you transform your business and elevate your customer experience to new heights.
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    What is a voice bot?

    Voice Bot is an intelligent virtual assistant that uses natural language processing and machine learning to interact with customers through voice-based channels, viz: phone calls. It understands and responds to customer queries, automating routine interactions and providing personalized assistance.

    Our software is designed on vast amounts of data and utilizes advanced natural language understanding algorithms. It can comprehend spoken words, decipher customer intent, and generate appropriate responses. It continuously learns and improves its understanding through feedback and data insights.

    Yes, our AI based solution is designed to handle various languages, dialects, and accents. It has been trained on diverse datasets to ensure accurate understanding and communication with customers from different linguistic backgrounds.

    Our call centre software can be integrated with CRM systems to access customer information and retrieve relevant data to provide personalized and contextually rich conversations. Integration is facilitated through APIs and compatible software interfaces.

    Yes, these can be customized to align with a brand’s voice and tone. We work with businesses to define the appropriate conversational style, language, and messaging to ensure a consistent and personalized experience for their customers.