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In today’s dynamic landscape of start-ups, delivering exceptional customer experiences while efficiently managing resources is the key to success. With Teckinfo’s ID Cloud a hassle-free quick to deploy solution that does not require large investments. With ActivLead a comprehensive lead management solution and ActivDesk, a helpdesk ticketing system combined with the start up call center software, the solution enables them to focus on their core competencies while enhancing productivity and efficiency. Designed to empower their growth journey, it comes with innovative technologies and strategic tools to enhance customer interactions, streamline operations, and fuel startups rise to prominence.

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Advantages of Using ID Cloud for Startup Customer Service

Deployment Options

Be it cloud contact center as a service, hybrid deployment, Hosted call centre on private cloud or in-premise setup, we provide you the flexibility of deployment.

Omnichannel Support

In today's digital age, customers interact through various channels viz: voice, email, chat, and social media. Our omni-channel contact center solutions enable start-ups to provide a consistent and unified experience across all these channels, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Intuitive Interface

A user-friendly interface ensures teams can quickly adapt to the system, reducing training time and increasing productivity. This is especially valuable for start-ups aiming to hit the ground running.

Remote Work Capability

Work from home, work from anywhere, feet on street solutions and OTP authentication enable agents to work remotely without sacrificing productivity or customer service quality.


As a start up call center, your organizations growth trajectory is dynamic. ID Cloud, ActivLead and ActivDesk solutions have been designed to scale seamlessly alongside your business. Whether you're adding new team members or expanding your customer base, our solutions can accommodate your evolving needs.

Advanced Analytics

Data-driven insights are crucial for refining customer service strategies. Our solutions provide detailed analytics and reporting, allowing users to monitor key performance metrics, track customer interactions, and make informed decisions to optimize contact centre operations.


We understand the importance of managing cost of a call center for startups. Teckinfo offer’s flexible pricing models that allow you to pay for what you use. This ensures that you're not burdened by hefty upfront investments, making it easier to allocate resources where they're needed most.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Deliver exceptional customer service by providing a seamless and consistent experience across multiple communication channels, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Competitive Edge

Stand out in a crowded market by providing excellent startup customer service. A well-implemented contact center solution can differentiate your start-up and attract more customers.

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Elevate Your Start-up's Success with Our Call Center Solutions

In the vibrant world of start-ups, customer service solutions have become the game-changer. Our solutions offer a tailored approach to empowering your growth, ensuring that you are enabled to deliver outstanding customer experiences while maintaining cost-efficiency. By embracing scalable technology, data-driven insights, and seamless multichannel communication, your start up call center can gain a competitive edge and foster lasting customer relationships. Join us in revolutionizing the way you interact with your customers and watch your start-up thrive like never before. Contact us today to embark on this transformative journey.
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    See Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a contact center solution?

    It is a software platform that enables businesses, including startups, to manage and handle various communication channels such as phone calls, emails, chats, social media, and more, to interact with customers, provide support, and manage inquiries efficiently.

    Absolutely. By offering efficient support and timely responses, ID Cloud helps enhance customer satisfaction. Features like IVR, call routing, and quick query resolution contribute to a positive customer experience.

    Yes, our software platform offers integration capabilities. Startups can integrate their CRM, helpdesk software, and other tools to ensure seamless data flow and enhance customer interactions.

    Cloud-based solutions are often preferred by startups due to their flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. They eliminate the need for on-premises infrastructure and allow remote access.

    Teckinfo offers subscription-based pricing models, allowing startups to pay for the services they need without significant upfront costs. This makes it more affordable for startups with limited budgets.