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Today contact centers need to transform their customer's experience from delightful single interaction to an entire journey of personalized and consistent interactions. Omnichannel CX is all about engaging customer on a channel of their choice and allowing them to hop from one channel to another while keeping their interaction experience uniform. As a leading contact center software company, our cutting-edge offerings enable businesses to flawlessly engage with customers across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent and exceptional customer experience.

ID Cloud is a comprehensive solution with robust CTI, unified queue, IVR, predictive dialer, unified agent management, real time monitoring and reporting helps organizations provide a seamless customer experience across all channels during their interaction journey.

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Key Capabilities of Teckinfo’s Omni-channel Software Solution

A scalable and secure omni-channel communication solution that provides a unified view of all customer interactions from voice and non-voice channels, and provides vital data insights for enhanced customer engagement and improved CX.


Exchange messages, documents, and media to effectively manage customer interaction via email channel for support.


Interactive communication platform to facilitate real-time customer engagement and support for quick customer assistance.

Social Media

Engage with customers on social media to manage inquiries, resolve issues and get insights to better customer service.


Enable face-to-face interactions to provide first time resolution and personalized support to foster customer relationships.


Integrate WhatsApp business to respond to queries, provide updates, resolve issues and build relationships.

Chat Bot

Automate interactions, provide instant responses, optimize efficiency, elevate customer engagement and experience.

CRM Integration

Integrate with CRM systems, enable agents to access customer data and history easily to provide personalized service.

Digital Transformation

Leverage multi-channel communication, AI-driven automation, and advanced analytics to digitally transform your business.

Real Time Monitoring

Track and analyze call volumes, agent performance etc., in real-time to streamline processes and resource optimization.

Reports and

Get valuable insights into contact center performance, agent productivity, customer satisfaction, and other key metrics.

Data Masking and

Strengthen security, mitigate risk of data breaches with masking and encryption to ensure compliance and prevent misuse.

Remote Contact Center Software

Enable agents to work from anywhere, and promote collaboration, flexibility, scalability, and continued customer support.

Additional Elements for Omnichannel Customer Experience

Roles and Rights based login

An inbuilt security mechanism grants access and privileges to users based on their assigned roles within the system. Each role can be customized to define specific rights and permissions, dictating what actions users can perform and what data they can access. Contact center administrators are empowered to manage user permissions at the system and campaign levels, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, and providing a structured and secure environment for users with varying responsibilities and functional requirements, agents are provided with tools necessary for success. Businesses can ensure accurate access control, protect sensitive information, and maintain data integrity.

High Availability and Redundancy

High level of availability of services is imperative to ensure operational continuity and omnichannel customer experience. Even in case of hardware or software failures businesses need to safeguard availability of services to customers at all times and make sure that unplanned downtimes do not negatively impact customer satisfaction or business revenue. Redundancy is the backup; the plan B in case your primary service is interrupted by unfortunate circumstances. Teckinfo's proprietary heartbeat services and Windows or Linux clustering service enable businesses to maintain high availability and redundancy at multiple levels to enhance system reliability and minimize disruptions.

Scalable Contact Center Software

To meet ever growing expectations and needs of their customers, businesses need to invest in a solution that supports multiple channels and is future-proof and scalable. In addition to supporting 10,000 SIP channels our omni-channel contact center solution can support up to 3,500 agents, 700 agents per CTI. Also, it can be deployed in diverse ways to meet different business needs viz: on-premises with both telephony and CTI in a single setup for full control, alternatively multiple telephony with single CTI or multiple telephony with multiple CTIs and also on public or private cloud for scalability and cost-effectiveness or on hybrid cloud to leverage both environments.

Contact Center Wallboard

Using the contact center wallboard, a visual communication tool, businesses can display performance metrics, call statistics, and key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time. The wallboard can be used to display information about ticketing systems, ERP, Web content and more. Data can be displayed in text, images, video or graphical format. Our wallboard solutions enable call centres to improve customer satisfaction quotas, agent retention and business revenue. It is an analytical tool that displays technical information, provides agents and supervisors with valuable insights and helps in boosting business performance and productivity.

Alerts and Notifications in Contact Center

During the entire transactional journey, automated alerts and notifications play an important role in keeping customers well-informed and are an essential component for providing a positive customer experience. Moreover, these alerts can be customized to indicate the health of the contact center, including disk space alerts, system alerts, and application alerts. Consequently, the system can send automated alerts and notifications via SMS, email, and WhatsApp to ensure seamless communication across different channels. In order to maintain optimized operations, businesses need to utilize these features to maximize customer engagement.

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Transform your Contact Center with Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Turbocharge your contact center with our AI-powered solution, ID Cloud. Harness multiple communication channels, intelligent data insights and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to optimize customer interactions, increase agent productivity and digitally transform your business operations, Scale as you grow, boost customer satisfaction to exceptional heights and elevate customer experiences.

Omni-Channel Solution

Our software allows customers to communicate with businesses via their preferred channel, be it via voice, email, live chat, social media, WhatsApp or SMS. Integrating multiple channels into a single platform helps enhance customer convenience, provide seamless customer support across channels, boost response times ultimately leading to a consistent omnichannel customer experience, improved customer satisfaction and augmented brand loyalty.

Conversational AI

Enable seamless customer communication with AI powered contact center software. Respond to customer instantly with bots, allowing agents to focus on critical customer issues. Engage in seamless interactions through chatbots, voicebots, and automate routine tasks and facilitate self-service for customers. Provide personalized recommendations by processing and understanding natural language inputs for contextually relevant conversations.

Collaborative Interactions

Combining artificial intelligence and human expertise, leverage collaborative interactions to boost multi-channel customer service. Cutting-edge AI algorithms streamline call routing, sentiment analysis and knowledge retrieval systems endow agents with personalized and real-time assistance for enriched interactions. As a result, customer experiences are enhanced, efficiency is increased, and customer queries are resolved more effectually.

Resource Optimization

Encompass cutting-edge technologies and data-driven strategies to augment resource optimization in your contact centers. Resource management tools include skills-based routing to route calls to appropriate agents, comprehensive reporting and performance analytics for identifying areas for improvement and agent training programs. Businesses are enabled to enhance omnichannel customer engagement and lower their operating costs as a result of such optimization endeavours.

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    What communication channels does your omni-channel contact center software support?

    Our software supports various communication channels, including phone calls, emails, live chat, social media platforms, SMS, and more. We strive to provide a comprehensive range of channels to meet the diverse needs and preferences of your customers.

    Our feature rich solution offers an intuitive interface, automation capabilities, and features such as canned responses and knowledge bases. These tools streamline agent workflows, reduce manual tasks, and provide agents with the necessary resources to handle customer inquiries more efficiently, increasing their overall productivity.

    Yes, our ID Cloud software is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular CRM systems. This integration ensures that agents have access to up-to-date customer information and unified view of all interactions, allowing them to provide personalized omnichannel customer experience.

    Our multichannel solution provides real-time analytics and comprehensive reporting features. You can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), track agent productivity, measure customer satisfaction levels, and gain valuable insights into contact center operations. These insights empower you to make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize your contact center performance.

    We prioritize the security of customer data. With robust security features such as data masking and encryption, roles and rights-based access controls and audit trails, we help you with a secure and reliable environment for omnichannel customer engagement. We adhere to industry standards and compliance regulations.

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