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Whether you are in marketing or sales, your success depends not only on the skills of your agents, but also on the infrastructure that supports and enhances them. We understand the importance of technology in the business environment. Because of this, Teckinfo has developed an advanced call center solution for telemarketing and sales operations. With our software, you can increase conversions, empower your teams, and refine your marketing strategy for unparalleled success.

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Advanced Teckinfo's Telemarketing Call Center Software

Here are a few ways that our contact centre solution can transform your operations in the competitive world of business:

Lower Transactional Cost per Sale and Higher ROI

The bottom line is crucial for any business. Our software leverages technology and uses advanced algorithms to ensure every contact you make has the possibility to result in a sale, increasing your return on investment. Say goodbye to agent idle time and hello to higher profits.

Do-Not-Call Compliance and Exclusion Management

Compliance with regulations and respecting customer preferences are essential. With Teckinfo's telemarketing contact center software, you can manage DNC compliance and exclusions in a way that ensures your sale efforts remain ethical and in line with legal requirements.

Dynamic Call Pacing

A game-changing feature of our software is its outbound dialer, which uses complex algorithms to pace calls dynamically depending on agent availability. This means fewer call abandonments, which in turn enhances connect ratios, reduces customer frustration and increases conversion rates.

Preferred Mode and Time Connect

The key to successful campaign is personalization. Using our contact center solution for telemarketing and sales, you can reach prospects in their preferred method at a time that is convenient for them. By customizing your messages, your chances of getting positive responses increase.

Scheduled Callbacks

Our software provides flexibility by allowing you to schedule callbacks for a specific date and time as requested by the customer. This enables your team to engage with prospects at the most opportune moments, leading to better engagement and increased conversions.

Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking

From lead generation to order closure, the telemarketing call center software provides real-time monitoring and tracking of each customer interaction. With advanced monitoring features, admin, supervisors, and managers can stay in the loop and in control at every stage.

Skill-Based and Campaign-Based Routing

Distribute calls efficiently to the most qualified agents using campaign-based rules. Automatic call distribution can be done based on skill, availability etc. This ensures that a prospect is connected to a team member who has the right expertise to address their needs and improves customer satisfaction.

100% Recording and Comprehensive Reporting

Equip your team leaders with the ability to track every interaction and derive actionable insights on how to improve your campaigns. Our call center solution for telemarketing and sales ensures 100% recording and comprehensive reporting, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies as you go.

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Your Path to Sales Excellence Begins with Teckinfo

Telemarketing and sales operations will reach new heights of efficiency and effectiveness with ID Cloud solution. No matter what your goal is, whether you are reducing costs, increasing ROI, or simply providing your customers with a better experience, we have the solution for you.

We expect that our customer/ any telemarketing company responsible tele calling for TRAI / DOT norms. 

Let Teckinfo help you join the ranks of successful companies that embrace the future of marketing strategies. It's time to embrace the future, and it's powered by technology.

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    See Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a call center solution for telemarketing and sales?

    It is a comprehensive software platform designed to streamline and enhance outbound calling activities for marketing and sales teams. It typically includes features such as dialer systems, CRM integration, monitoring, and analytics tools.

    The solution can automate dialling processes, increase agent efficiency, provide real-time insights into customer interactions, and integrate with customer relationship management systems, leading to improved outcomes.

    ID Cloud supports various dialling modes, including predictive dialling, power dialling, and preview dialling. These modes help optimize efficiency based on the specific needs and preferences of your sales campaign.

    Yes, our software platform can seamlessly integrate with popular CRM systems. This ensures that agents have access to customer data in real-time, enhancing the quality of interactions and improving overall efficiency.

    Reporting and analytics features vary, but common ones include call performance analytics, agent productivity reports, campaign success metrics, and real-time dashboards. These tools enable businesses to track and analyze key performance indicators for continuous improvement.

    Yes, ID Cloud solution is highly scalable. It is designed to accommodate the growth of your telemarketing and sales operations, allowing you to add more agents, expand campaigns, and handle increased call volumes as your business expands.