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Keeping in mind today’s cut throat business & economic environment, automation of debt collection is critical to ensure sustained financial stability and growth. By automating the entire collection process using a unified contact center software for debt collection, the need for the system to keep details of balances, payment due dates, and other relevant information is greatly diminished and reduces the inefficiency in the process.  ID-Cloud is a one-stop-shop system for all your requirements, from managing inbound and outbound calls, to sending text reminders and managing emails, our platform integrated with our debt collection software “Connect & Collect” is designed to make it easy for you to manage your collections process efficiently. You can manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard and automate many of your campaigns to save time and reduce errors.

Maximize Recovery Rates through Seamless Communication, Advanced Analytics, and Customer-Centric Strategies - ID Cloud Augmenting Collections Efficiency for Financial Institutions

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Streamline Debt Collection with Our Solution

A meticulously crafted premium call center solution for debt collection, it empowers financial institutions in maximizing the results. It offers a suite of features specifically crafted to enhance efficiency, compliance, and overall success.

Secure Multichannel Engagement

Enables companies to engage debtors securely across multiple channels, including voice, email, SMS, live chat, WhatsApp, and social media. This ensures a comprehensive and compliant communication strategy.

Intelligent Call Routing

Advanced call routing mechanisms of debt collection contact center software connects debtors with the most appropriately skilled suitable agents, ensuring personalized interactions for improved outcomes.

Advanced Dialling Algorithms

Multiple dialer modes and intelligent dialling algorithms viz: dialled attempt algorithm; max total attempts; phone order rule and more help maximize connectivity ratio leading to enhanced collections.

Automate Bucket Wise Collection for Targeted Success

Automated bucket segmentation based on multiple parameters such as account age, type of debt, days past due date, payment history, debtors net worth, credit scores, severity of delinquency and more helps optimize your collection strategy. Financial agencies are able to rationalize collections efforts with automation of routine tasks, e.g. send automated messages, emails, or make pre-recorded voice calls to early stage customers, send reminders to mid stage customer for payments overdue and notifications for payments received. This helps reduce manual effort and ensures timely communication with customers. Debt collection software solution frees up agents to focus on high-value interactions for targeted success.

Debt Management Software with Conversational AI Capabilities

Leverage conversational AI capabilities to deliver exceptional customer experiences, automate routine tasks, improve operational efficiency, and optimize collections-related processes. Extend assistance to live agents, provide them AI-powered tools that offer real-time suggestions, recommended responses, access to customer information and empower them to provide personalized and efficient support to customers.

AI Enabled IVR

Debt management software utilizes cutting edge AI-technologies viz: NLP and ASR allowing customers to navigate through menus, access account information, make payments, and resolve common inquiries without the need for agent assistance.

AI powered Virtual Agent

Deploying a virtual agent powered by AI algorithms helps handle basic customer queries, answer FAQ’s and assists with simple payment arrangements. It also allows customers to escalate complex inquiries to live agents when necessary.

Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text

Incorporating text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities, allows you to communicate with customers through voice and chat bots. This ensures a smooth and consistent customer experience across multiple communication channels.

Sentiment Analysis

Debt collection software with its powerful real-time sentiment analysis abilities helps in identifying customer emotions, satisfaction levels, and potential issues, allowing for proactive intervention and resolution.

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Debt Recovery Collection with Call Center Software

Additional features of our cloud contact center software solution for debt recovery ensure intelligent automation and compliance.

Ready connectors support integrations with leading CRMs and customizable API’s for integration with 3rd party CRM systems allow agents to access customer information, payment history and interaction records from a centralized location.
Secure Payment Processing
API’s for payment gateway integration facilitate secure payments, ensure adherence to PCI DSS, contribute to improved recovery rates. Our debt collection call center software provides a safe environment to debtors.
Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting and advanced analytics provide valuable insights into collections performance.  Key metrics help track agent efficiency and identify trends to continually refine and optimize your debt recovery strategy.

Real-time Monitoring and Coaching
Admin, supervisors and managers are empowered with real-time monitoring capabilities to proctor live calls, provide instant coaching, and intervene when necessary to ensure the highest standards of service and compliance.
Compliance Assurance

Number-masking, data encryption and call recording features of debt management software ensure compliance with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) industry compliance regulations and legal standards checks. 


Designed to scale and adapt to evolving needs of your collections process, whether managing a small or extensive portfolio, the solution grows seamlessly with your requirements. It allows you to handle increasing call volumes.


Multiple deployment options viz: cloud, hybrid cloud and on premises and access across multiple locations offers significant flexibility. Our solution can grow alongside your organization and support future requirements.

By choosing ID Cloud for your collections process, your organization gains a powerful ally for recovery.It provides you tools to enhance agent’sproductivity, including call scripting, canned responses, knowledge bases, and customer history lookup. It enables them to handle customer interactions efficiently and provide accurate and consistent information. Embrace Teckinfo’s debt collection software solution to experience enhanced operational efficiency, compliance assurance, and customer satisfaction as you navigate the complexities with agility and precision.
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    What is a contact center solution for collections?
    ID Cloud is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline communication, automate processes, and enhance efficiency in managing debt recovery. It brings together diverse features to optimize collections workflows.

    The solution supports voice, email, WhatsApp, and chat channels, allowing banks to engage debtors through their preferred communication channels, enhancing the likelihood of successful interactions.

    Yes, our software system is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing collections systems, providing a unified and efficient platform without disrupting your current processes.

    Yes, our premium cloud solution has automated outbound dialling and predictive dialling capabilities, ensuring efficient and timely connections with debtors to maximize collections efforts.

    Absolutely, our cloud-based solution is customizable to meet the unique requirements of your collections process. Our team will work closely with you to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

    Connect and collect enables automation, intelligent call routing, multichannel engagement, and advanced analytics to improve customer engagement, streamline recovery ensures compliance.