Predictive Dialer System

Teckinfo’s cutting-edge predictive dialer is a game-changer for businesses that rely on outbound call centers. With its advanced algorithms and data analysis capabilities, our solution maximizes agent productivity and ensures efficient call placements. By intelligently predicting agent availability and call answer rates, it eliminates wasted time on busy signals, voicemails, and unanswered calls.

Seamlessly integration with your existing CRM systems helps provide real-time customer information to agents for personalized interactions. Furthermore, businesses stand to gain significantly with reduced agent idle time, increased outbound call volume, higher connection rates, optimized agent performance and improved overall efficiency. Experience the power of advanced dialling technology and unlock your contact center's true potential.

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What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an automated telephone dialling system that optimizes outbound calling by utilizing intelligent algorithms. It analyses historical data, call patterns, number of dialling trunks available and agent availability to predict the optimal number of calls to dial, minimize agent idle time and maximize agent talk time with live contacts.

Predictive Dialer Software Modes

Normal Mode

In predictive mode, the dialling system uses complex algorithms to predict call answer rates and agent availability. It automatically dials multiple phone numbers simultaneously, anticipating the time it takes for agents to become available. The system dynamically adjusts the pacing ratio based on factors such as historical data, average call duration, dialling trunks availability, agent availability and agent performance. Pacing control is used to increase the rate of dialling per agent.

Power Mode

In power mode it utilizes all the channels or ports to dial the phone number irrespective of the logged in agent status. After connecting the call, if agent status is not idle then it will drop the call and dispose as No Agent Found (NAF). 

AOD Mode

Automated voice blaster delivers prerecorded voice messages to an entire contact list or a segmented list. Automatic dialling system connects the outbound call and plays the recorded message. Then hang-up the call. Here agent logins are not required.

Key Features of Call Center Dialer Software

  • Predictive Algorithm: Utilizes advanced algorithms to predict call answer rates and dynamically adjust the number of outbound calls (pacing ratio) based on factors viz: dialling trunks and agent availability, call abandonment rates and average call duration to ensure a high rate of connected calls.
  • Smart Routing: Routes answered calls to available agents based on predefined rules, previous interactions or other criteria. Predictive dialer software helps in optimized call queuing, minimizes wait times and maximizes agent productivity. Detects call answering machines, voicemail greetings and transfer the calls to an agent only if human voice is detected. Option to route calls to the most suitable agents based on skills, expertise and availability ensures customers are connected with the most qualified agents, improving first-call resolution rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Integrations: Ready connectors and customizable API’s for integration with popular CRM systems and 3rd party applications enable agents to access customer information and call history in real-time during calls within the dialling interface.
  • Call Monitoring and Recording: Allows supervisors to monitor live calls for quality assurance and training purposes. Access to call recordings allows them to review and analyze interactions.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: Call center dialer software offers comprehensive real-time reporting and analytics dashboards. Managers can track key performance indicators, monitor agent productivity, and gain actionable insights to optimize call center operations. The dialer collects and analyzes real-time data during calls, providing valuable insights into call metrics such as call duration, success rates, and agent performance.
  • Security and Compliance: An intelligent dialer includes built-in DNC compliance features to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. It automatically filters out numbers from DNC lists, minimizing the risk of non-compliance. ID Cloud solution has built-in compliance features such as DNC number screening and time zone management.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Our robust automatic dialling system is designed to scale according to the needs of growing call centers. It offers flexible deployment options, such as on cloud, hybrid and on premises solutions, allowing easy expansion and customization. Flexible and scalable to the extent of accommodating needs of all businesses, SME and Enterprises alike.
  • Call Scripting: The phone dialer provides call scripting functionality, allowing agents to follow pre-defined scripts or prompts during calls. This feature ensures consistent messaging, compliance with regulations, and helps agents handle various call scenarios effectively.
  • Interactive Voice Response Integration: Integration with an IVR system allows the call center dialer software to automate initial call interactions, such as providing options or gathering customer information. IVR integration helps streamline call flows, reduce agent workload, and enhance overall efficiency.

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Benefits of Automatic Dialling System

Automated Dialling Process

Automated predictive dialling eliminates the need for agents to manually dial phone numbers, resulting in significant time savings and reducing the potential for human error, agents are enabled to focus on handling calls and engaging with customers in contextual conversations.

Optimized Dialling Process

By accurately predicting the time to make the next call the dialling process is optimized, calling efficiency is enhanced, agents idle time and waiting periods are minimized, productivity is maximized leading to superior performance.

Intelligent Call Routing and Pacing Algorithms

Smart call routing and advanced pacing algorithms ensure a steady flow of connected calls, to available agents and adjusts the pacing ratio to minimize agent idle time and boost efficiency.

Enhanced Call Connect Ratio

Ensures agents are connected to live contacts as soon as they become available, resulting in higher call connect rates. It enables agents to handle more calls, optimizes agent productivity and enhances overall efficiency.

Improved Campaign Management

Real-time reporting and analytics, provide valuable insights to track the effectiveness of different campaigns. This helps to make data-driven decisions and optimize strategies accordingly to ensure maximum ROI.

CRM Integration

Integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems enables agents to access customer information in real-time during calls for a personalized customer interaction and empowers call centers to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Compliance and Call Monitoring

Compliance management features like DNC list management and call recording ensure adherence to compliance regulations. Supervisors can monitor calls in real-time or review recordings to identify areas for improvement.

Scale as you grow

Businesses can accommodate growth by easily adding or removing agent seats, adjust dialling parameters and integrate other systems as required with ID Cloud, the best predictive dialer.

Cost Savings

By automating the dialling process businesses can maximize utilization, reduce operational expenses, and achieve significant cost savings.

How Predictive Dialer Solution Works

A predictive dialer software application is used in call centers to automate outbound calling. It works by integrating with a database or CRM system and analyzing various factors like agent availability and historical call patterns. Based on this analysis, the dialer predicts when an agent will be available and calculates the optimal pacing rate for making calls. It dynamically adjusts the dialling system speed to align with projected agent availability, aiming to minimize idle time and unanswered calls. Once a call is connected, the dialer routes it to an available agent based on a predefined criteria. It also provides screen pop-ups with customer information, retrieved from the integrated CRM or database, to assist agents in delivering personalized service. The software continuously monitors call metrics and generates reports and analytics for supervisors to optimize call center operations. By automating call handling and optimizing pacing, predictive dialers enhance agent productivity and overall operational efficiency in contact centers.

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    See Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a predictive dialer?

    A predictive dialer is an automated telephone dialling system that dials a list of phone numbers using algorithms to predict agent availability and call answer rates to maximize agent productivity.

    It uses historical data and algorithms to calculate the optimal number of calls to dial based on factors such as agent availability, call answer rates, and average call duration. It aims to connect agents to live calls as soon as they become available, minimizing idle time.

    Predictive dialers are commonly used for outbound processes viz: sales, telemarketing, customer service, debt collection, market research, fundraising etc.

    Teckinfo’s call center dialer offers several benefits, including increased agent productivity, improved call connect ratio, reduced manual effort, enhanced reporting and analytics, and better compliance management.

    Yes, it can be integrated with other systems viz: CRM applications and workforce management tools.