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EdTech companies are at the forefront of modern education, and in this digital age, the power to seamlessly engage with students, educators, and administrators is a game-changer. ID Cloud, our premium solution for EdTech industry call center empowers them to redefine user interactions, streamline support processes, and cultivate exceptional learning environments. It enables them to breach all communication barriers and transcend support expectations.

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Embrace Unified Contact Center Solution for EdTech Companies

At Teckinfo we understand the importance of effective communication with students and educators. With our platform, you can easily manage inquiries, provide technical support, and deliver an exceptional user experience. Our unified contact center solution offers a range of features and benefits that are specifically designed to meet the needs of an EdTech company.

Multi-Channel Support

Students, counsellors, educators, faculty experts, can seamlessly converse across multiple channels, be it voice, email, chat, WhatsApp and social media. Your customers can reach out through their preferred channel and receive timely and personalized support. Agents can switch between channels effortlessly. By offering users, options to connect through their preferred channels, EdTech industry call center can deliver effective customer service.

Integration Capabilities

Our EdTech industry contact center solution can seamlessly integrate with CRM systems. This ensures a centralized view of all customer information, their preferences and history enabling agents to provide personalized and context-aware support. APIs are available to integrate with a ticketing system enabling teams to manage customer inquiries. Integrating it with learning management systems and other educational platforms enables users to access student data, course information and support materials.

Smart Skills-Based Routing

Utilizing the intelligent ACD engine, call routing algorithms assist in directing inquiries to the most appropriate agent based on skills, domain knowledge, workload, or department. This improves response time and ensures that callers are connected to the right expert who can provide accurate and relevant support, address their concerns promptly, reduce wait times and improving first-contact resolution rates.

Digital Sales Focus

A cohesive communication tool, ID Cloud enables automatic lead capture from different channels and assignment, ensuring minimum lead leakage and optimum conversions. It meets both the outbound and inbound interaction requirements of an EdTech company call center with advanced dialer and self-service IVR for automated assistance for inbound queries. It has a module for field agent monitoring and focusing directly on improving connectivity and contextual engagement that leads to conversions.

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Transform EdTech Industry with ID Cloud Software

Conversational AI Bots

Utilize the power of both virtual and human agents 

EdTech company call center powered with chatbots, voice bots can resolve common customer queries without human intervention. The bots developed using cutting-edge AI and ML tools can be tailored to answer even the complex problems.  Also, in case the bot is unable to provide the accurate answer, the call, chat can be automatically transferred to a human resource. As bots can handle large number of calls and chats, agents can be utilised effectively.

WhatsApp and Social Media

Enabling EdTech’s to render engaging conversations

Leveraging WhatsApp and social media conversations EdTech companies are able to engage with educators and learners and disseminate valuable content. Additionally, social media advertising and analytics empower them to reach their target audience effectively and refine their products based on user feedback. By harnessing social media, they are able to showcase their offerings, drive lead conversions and also foster a vibrant online educational brand.  

Analytics and Reporting

Elevating performance through valuable data insights 

The solution provides real-time monitoring of call queues, agent availability, and performance metrics. Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities of our EdTech company contact center software enables supervisors to track key metrics. Call and screen recording helps to review interactions, provide feedback, and identify training needs. Decision-makers and managers can track all interactions on a data-rich platform to know what’s working and what needs improvement.

Flexible Mode of Deployments

Reliable and Secure to the Core

Multiple deployment options viz: On Cloud, Hybrid and On-premises, offer enterprises flexibility of choice.  Whether you have a small team or a large support centre, Teckinfo’s software for EdTech industry call center enables easy scalability with no burden of infrastructure management. Additionally, to safeguard sensitive information and maintain compliance with privacy regulations features like data encryption, secure storage, and user access controls ensure data security.
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    What is a unified contact center solution, and why does EdTech industry need it?

    It is a centralized communication system that integrates multiple channels to enhance communication and support. EdTech companies need it to streamline user engagement, improve support, and provide a seamless experience to students, educators, and administrators.

    EdTech companies utilizing ID Cloud gain benefits by enhancing user experiences, improving customer support, reducing costs, and enabling scalable growth. Also, it helps them centralize communications and ensures efficient issue resolution.

    Yes, Teckinfo’s solutions prioritize data security and complies with industry regulations. We use encryption and other security measures to protect sensitive user data.

    Absolutely. Our software can integrate with existing EdTech platforms, including learning management systems (LMS), student information systems (SIS) and CRM systems and other applications, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

    Our solution employs intelligent call routing, automated responses, and call queuing to efficiently manage high call volumes, ensuring that users receive timely assistance.