CRM Integration

As important as it is for contact center software to provide businesses a unified operational experience, it’s also critical to integrate it seamlessly with other business applications, be it a customer relationship management or a lead management software or a help desk application or any other 3rd party software application. CRM integration with business software applications eliminates the need for customer care agents to switch between applications and facilitates automated actions that enhance business productivity.

Our premium cloud contact center solution platform can be integrated seamlessly with world's leading CRM software applications, helpdesk and ticketing software’s, e-commerce platforms, marketing automation tools, marketing plugins, 3rd party applications and in-house developed applications. By integrating ID Cloud, businesses can sync customer data across channels and boost the implemented CRM's effectiveness. Also, our APIs enable organizations to deliver an enriched customer experience by integrating them with their existing CIM applications.

Embrace CRM Integration with ID Cloud to Connect, Collaborate, Elevate Efficiency, Boost Productivity, Propel Business Growth and Maximize Customer Experience

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What are CRM Integrations?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration is a programmable interconnection or an API (Application Programming Interface) between software applications that permits data and information to be shared. Integrations rely on APIs to share information between applications, enabling software’s to work in unison. They are a way of centralising the data your business needs to make informed decisions.

Integration Options – Connect and Ensure Business Systems Work Together

Depending on the applications, these deployments can either be cloud-based or on premises. In addition to coordinating and automating business processes, integration of call center CRM improves the overall productivity of the organization. You will get a 360-degree view of all customer interactions; you can then easily follow their journey throughout the customer lifecycle. Provision multi-channel customer journeys that keep up with digital transformation requirements. Integrate ID Cloud software with your existing CRM to improve customer communication through the entire customer journey.

Ready Connectors

Ready connectors that assist quick and seamless integration of ID Cloud with major CRMs, helpdesk and ticketing systems that businesses may be using are available.

Integration with External CRM

Customer data is retrieved using APIs or web services to deliver personalized experiences.

Integration with 3rd Party Applications

Place Teckinfo’s panel in its i-frame and interact with customers right from within the CRM.

Key Features of Call Center CRM Software

  • Support for voice, SMS, email, web chat, WhatsApp, social media, bot’s integration.
  • Single sign-on allows users to authenticate once and access multiple applications and systems without the need for multiple credentials.
  • IVR integration to broadcast interactive voice prompts and efficiently route calls to appropriate department or agent for effective interactions.
  • Auto dialer integration to automate outbound calling, reduce agent idle time and manual errors for improved productivity.
  • Click-to-call integrations for enabling effortless and instant phone connections with just a single click.
  • Mobile App integration for enabling anytime, anywhere interaction, real-time updates, and access to services on the go.
  • Payment gateway integration to simplify and secure online transactions.
  • Agent screen popup to display relevant customer information and prompts in real-time with call center CRM.
  • Call recording integration enables recording and storage, seamless access to customer conversations.
  • Call reports and analytics to get valuable insights into call metrics, trends, and customer behaviour.

Learn more about our CRM integration capabilities and how we can assist you in seamlessly connecting systems.

Key Benefits of Integration of CRM System

True omnichannel experience with a single sign on. Make calls from within your dashboard with the click of a button for a seamless and consistent experience across channels.

Reduce the time spent on juggling between separate applications with a unified interface for enhanced convenience, increased productivity, and personalization.

Access the data that you need to personalize communication enabling a deeper understanding of customer preferences and delivering tailored and meaningful interactions.

Sync data in real-time between applications enabling accurate and up-to-date information across systems, improving efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making processes.

Increase agents’ efficiency and productivity by providing access to comprehensive customer data, and automation tools for faster and more effective customer interactions.

Deliver an enriched customer experience by managing call-related data in one place with CRM integration.

Reduce cost-per-call and overall call center costs significantly, optimize resource utilization and minimize operational costs.

Improved security with access to only a part of relevant data reduces the risk of data breach and ensures sensitive information remains protected and accessible to authorized users only.

Know your customers better with a 360-degree view for a holistic understanding of customer behavior, preferences, and interactions for personalized and targeted engagement. Track customer journey and deliver value for your products and services.

Call Center Integration with Leading CRMs

As a leading contact center solution provider, Teckinfo recognizes the critical importance of CRM integration for enhancing customer experiences and optimizing business processes. Ready connector and customizable API’s facilitate quick interconnection with your CRM system. It enables your agents to access customer information in real-time. This also results in efficient call routing, ensures data synchronization between platforms, and contributes to a holistic view of customers. By leveraging the power of unified interface, your organization can improve agent productivity, deliver exceptional customer service, and gain valuable insights into customer behaviours, build stronger customer relationships and drive business success. With our expertise and support, we ensure a smooth integration process, customized to your unique requirements. Trust us to help you unlock the full potential of your center by integrating it with your contact center CRM and taking your customer experience to new heights.

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    What is CRM integration with a contact center solution?

    Customer relationship management and contact center integration is a process of automating data flow from a CRM system to the contact center software. It enables agents to access customer information, interaction history, and other relevant data from the database during customer interactions.

    The compatibility of various systems with contact center solutions may vary. However, our ID Cloud software can seamlessly integrate with popular CRM’s like Zoho, Zendesk, Freshworks, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and LeadSquared.

    The specific data synchronized between CRM software and the contact center may vary based on the integration setup and requirements. Generally, customer profiles, interaction history, purchase details, support tickets, and other relevant information are synchronized to provide agents with a complete view of the customer.

    CRM integration improves agent productivity by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the time spent searching for customer information. Agents can quickly access customer profiles, history, and other details on a unified platform.

    Yes, it can significantly improve customer service. Agents have access to complete customer profiles and interaction history, enabling them to provide personalized and relevant assistance. This leads to faster issue resolution, higher first-call resolution rates, and enhanced customer experience.