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In the times when BFSI has transcended traditional boundaries for customer engagement, Teckinfo’s banking call center software has emerged as a strategic enabler, tailored to meet the precise demands of each function. Whether it's managing inquiries, addressing compliance requirements, or leveraging data insights for informed decision-making, our solution helps you in navigating the complex terrain of modern banking. With focus on precision, efficiency, and customer-centricity, our software is crafted to thrive in the digital age and seamlessly cater to key activities.

Banking Transformed: Precision Crafted Contact Center Software – Enhancing Every Activity, Empowering Every Customer Engagement, Elevating Financial Excellence

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Why Choose our Unified Cloud Contact Center for Banks?

Opting for our unified banking contact center solution ensures you're equipped to excel in the ever-evolving business environment. It enables them to foster a holistic approach to customer support, consolidate their communication channels and streamline interactions. It is a comprehensive platform to render exceptional service across departments, endowing their customer care teams with multiple interaction tools and access to requisite information.

Reasons to Implement Cloud Software for Banking Industry

Transform Customer Experiences: Efficient Sales and Lead Management

A cutting-edge banking industry software focused on sales and lead management; it includes multi-channel communication capabilities for seamless interactions with potential clients. With predictive dialling capabilities they can connect with prospects efficiently by automatically dialling and connecting agents to promising leads. Voice blaster capabilities help facilitate people interested in a product or service request a call-back from an agent at a convenient time. Leveraging chatbots and voicebots help ensure immediate engagement with prospects ensuring no opportunity is missed, regardless of time zones or working hours. Integration with bank’s CRM provides agents with a comprehensive view of customer profiles, preferences, transaction history and cross-selling prompts. Real-time analytics and reporting empower them to track sales performance and make data-driven decisions.

Elevate Customer Experiences: Effortless Client On-boarding

Through multichannel communication capabilities banks are enabled to establish a strong initial connection with new customers.It facilitates real-time interactions with prospects by assisting them with account creation, capturing their KYC details and verifying identities through authentication methods. Optionally, self-service IVR’s can enable people to input information and complete preliminary steps independently. Backend system integration results in unification of data and assists in personalization of services. As the primary point of contact, relationship managers can be empowered to address concerns promptly, offer customized products and provide strategic financial insights to foster enduring partnerships. Banking software as a service solution optimizes the customer on boarding process, delivering a seamless and efficient experience for both companies and their clients.

Driving Financial Success: Loan Management and Collections Excellence

Our comprehensive software platform facilitates omnichannel communication incorporating voice, email, WhatsApp, chat, and social media functionalities. Automated operations streamline loan origination and collection processes boost efficiency. It includes accounts segmentation, sending payment reminders and processing transactions for follow-up. Proactive outreach includes personalized messaging and reminder calls, while reactive responses are based on customer queries and behaviours. The banks call center software integrates with CRM’s, providing agents with a holistic view of information. Real-time monitoring and reporting help detect anomalies and flag potential issues. Predictive analytics help assess default risk, enabling targeted collections efforts. Features like call recording, quality monitoring and data encryption ensure compliance and security. In conclusion, it optimizes operations and mitigates risks.

Elevate Customer Experience: Delight Credit Card Holders

Our contact center solutions for banking sector streamlines the efficiency of handling credit card-related inquiries, transactions, and interactions. Deployment of IVR helps address common queries e.g. balance inquiries, adjust credit limits etc. Agents get a comprehensive view of cardholders' profiles, transaction histories, and preferences. Integration with payment processing systems, data encryption features, real-time analytics, adherence to PCI DSS standards help safeguard credit cardholders' confidential information. Communication tools viz: AOD, email and messaging systems help in sending timely alerts, payment reminders and personalized offers. Quality monitoring, analytics, reporting tools and redundancy capabilities contribute to operational agility and business continuity, whereby financial organizations are able to optimize their credit card management and improve customer satisfaction.

Safe and Secure: Solution for Proactive Fraud Detection and Prevention

A unified platform that incorporates proactive fraud detection and prevention, it integrates diverse technologies to create a comprehensive framework. By aggregating customer data from various touchpoints and external sources, banks software systems are empowered with advanced algorithms for monitoring, analysing communications and transactions. Encryption at all levels, multi-level authentication and verification ensures data privacy and protection against frauds. Amalgamation with fraud detection systems helps identify and flag suspicious transactions or activities. Automated outbound dialling and messaging send real-time alerts and notifications to clients provide an additional layer of security. Proactive customer communication regarding potential fraud risks, coupled with regular updates and scalability features, not only prevents financial losses but also strengthens trust.

AI Powered Software Platform – 24x7 Companion for Banking Sector

Leveraging Conversational AI capabilities banks are enabled to automate routine inquiries, offer instant support, and provide accurate and personalized responses, freeing up agents to focus on more complex and high-value interactions. Businesses can cater to global time zones and ensures 24/7 accessibility, bolstering satisfaction. Customers can inquire about account details, perform actions, or seek assistance through bots or virtual assistants on loan and credit card applications, including eligibility criteria, interest rates, and application status updates. They can schedule appointments for consultations or in-person meetings, check account balances, review transactions, and obtain history, reducing the need for human intervention. The banking solution positions them a technologically advanced entity, fostering loyalty in the ever-evolving landscape of financial services.

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Key Features of ID Cloud for Bank Contact Center System

Intelligent Routing and Queuing

Smart routing algorithms ensure incoming calls are intelligently routed to the most appropriate agent based on customer needs, agent availability, skills, language preference, previous interactions, or priority to maximize first-call resolution rates and minimize wait times.

Interactive Voice Response System

Multi-level, multi-lingual and self-service IVR that support dual-tone, multi frequency and voice enabled responses can verify users and guide callers to the right department. The bank contact center with its powerful IVR helps customer get answers to their first-level queries.

Virtual Collaboration and Remote Work

Virtual collaboration and remote work has been a transformative advancement. It empowers agents to work seamlessly from diverse locations, whether it's their homes, branch offices, or other remote sites. They can maintain real-time communication and provide uninterrupted services.


Customizable API’s support integration with 3rd party CRMs enabling agents to access customer information, payment history and interaction records from a centralized location. API’sfor payment gateway integration facilitates secure payments, ensuring adherence to data security requirements.

Speech Analytics and Insights

Banks can use call recording and store interactions for compliance, training, and quality assurance. Real-time analytics indicate customer sentiment, intent, improvement areas, enabling data-driven decisions, strategy adjustments, and process optimization, and enhanced satisfaction.

Monitoring and Reporting

Supervisors can use dashboards to monitor real-time interactions and transactions, access KPIs, and comprehensive reports through banking contact center software. These indicators help in decision-making, customer data protection, and fraud prevention, ensuring continuous improvement.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Call recording, number masking and data encryption protocols ensure compliance with industry regulations and adherence to security protocols such as PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA and other relevant banking industry standards. These measures safeguard sensitive information and financial data.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our banking solution can easily accommodate the industry's growth. It allows them to scale teams, support multiple branches, and ensure business continuity through flexible deployment options like cloud-based, hybrid, and on-premises, and robust redundancy and disaster recovery options.

Omnichannel Experience

With a unified approach to customer engagement and operational excellence, our banking call center solution is crafted to empower your teams, enhance satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth.
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    See Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a contact centre solution for banks?

    It’s a comprehensive communication system that enables them to manage and handle interactions through various communication channels viz: voice, emails, chat, SMS, WhatsApp and social media. It often includes features like automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, and CRM integration.

    It allows banks to handle inquiries and issues more efficiently, reducing wait times and providing quick resolutions. The integration with CRM enables agents to access information, ensuring personalized and informed interactions.

    Yes, ID Cloud offers integration capabilities. Integration with core banking system, CRM software, and other relevant applications allows for a seamless flow of information, improving the overall efficiency of operations.

    Absolutely. Our software is highly customizable. It can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organization, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your specific financial activities and operational processes.

    Our scalable platform offers security features, such as data encryption and secures connections. Compliance with data protection regulations is a priority, and features like data masking and access controls ensure customer information is handled securely.

    Yes, our solution can be scaled up or down to accommodate the changing needs, whether it's due to business growth, seasonal fluctuations, or other factors.