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In today's fast-paced and mobile-driven world, it's crucial for businesses to empower their agents with the ability to work on the go. Teckinfo’s ID Mobile agent solutions designed to give your team the flexibility and mobility they need to provide exceptional customer service, no matter where they are. Agents can access all the application features, critical tools and information easily using right login credentials, handle customer interactions, and stay connected while on the move.

Today in the digital age it is extremely important to always be updated on any given transaction for superior customer experience. Mobile apps provide the flexibility and mobility without compromising productivity. When you are in the field, it’s a necessity to have an app which enables you to work while on the go. Our ID Cloud mobile call center solution is a comprehensive application which provides you the complete customer interaction management functionality in your hand.

Unleash Efficiency On-The-Go with ID Mobile, your Feet on Street Agent with Enhanced Security for Seamless Automation and Ultimate Productivity

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What is a Mobile Call Center Application?

It is a mobile application for call center. It’s secured via user authentication by OTP and no data is stored on agent’s mobile phone. Ideally suited for feet on street (FOS) / work from home to manage all sales or customer service functions. Our ID Mobile app enables agents to manage all call related activities through their phone whether they are in the field or working from home.

Teckinfo’s Mobile Agent Application Capabilities

  • Supports Android and IOS Devices: Provides flexibility for agents to work remotely on any of the two platforms.
  • SMS and IVR OTP User Authentication: Provides additional layer of security to ensure data protection, system integrity and secure verification of agents accessing the contact center software. Prevents unauthorized access.
  • Easy to Use User Interface: Mobile agent application provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensures ease of use for agents, simplifies navigation and access to customer information to perform tasks efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Contact Center Functionality: Provides a comprehensive range of functionalities, including call handling, customer information access, real-time reporting, ticket management, and collaboration tools to ensure agents efficiently handle customer interactions while on the go.
  • CRM Integration: Agents can access and manage customer information, update records, track interactions. They can utilize CRM features such as lead management, opportunity tracking, and customer history analysis from their mobile devices.
  • No Agent Infra Needed: Eliminates the need for agent infrastructure, such as physical office space and dedicated workstations. Agents can work remotely using their own mobile devices, reducing operational costs and increasing flexibility.
  • Low Internet Bandwidth Required: Designed to minimize data usage, it enables mobile agents to work effectively even with limited internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted communication and customer support.
  • No Data Stored on Device: All customer information and interactions are securely accessed to ensure data privacy and reduce the risk of data loss.
  • Supports All Standard Dialer Types: Agents can leverage all dialer types and functionalities to efficiently make outbound calls and manage customer interactions from their mobile devices.
  • Number Masking: Hides the actual phone numbers of both the agent and the customer, allowing them to communicate while keeping their identities confidential whereby ensuring privacy and security of both the parties.
  • Real Time Agent Monitoring: Helps supervisors and managers in monitoring agent performance, call handling time and availability in real-time, enabling effective supervision, coaching, and optimization of agent productivity.
  • Work from Anywhere, Service on the Go: Agents are enabled to handle customer interactions, access information, and collaborate remotely, ensuring continuous support and responsiveness irrespective of their location.

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Advantages of using Mobile App for Contact Center

Increased Agent Productivity

Agents can handle customer interactions and tasks from anywhere, maximizing their productivity, use downtime efficiently, such as during travel to respond to inquiries, update customer records, and resolve issues promptly.

Improved Customer Service

Mobile agents can view customer data, interaction history, and case management options on their mobile devices to provide personalized, informed and timely assistance, achieve higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Flexibility and Mobility

Agents are able to work remotely from any location in the field, or while traveling to providing consistent customer service and maintain productivity.

Real-Time Collaboration

Instant messaging option facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among agents, supervisors, and team members. Agents can seek guidance, share knowledge, and resolve issues efficiently, promoting teamwork and improving overall performance.


Integrating our mobile call center application with your existing infrastructure, CRM systems, and other essential tools, ensures a smooth transition, avoids disruptions and maximizes the value of your existing technology investments.

Data Security and Compliance

Robust encryption protocols and security measures protect sensitive customer information, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Business Continuity

Enables business continuity, allows agents to work remotely ensuring uninterrupted customer service and minimizing potential service disruptions.

Enhanced Efficiency

Mobile access to task and case management tools enables agents to handle customer requests promptly and accurately, update case status, assign tasks and access relevant information on the go, ensuring efficient case resolution and rationalized workflows.

Exceptional Customer Service - Anytime, Anywhere

ID Mobile Agent solution is designed to empower businesses and its agents with flexibility, mobility, and the ability to provide excellent customer service on the go while maintaining efficiency. Teams can stay productive, responsive, and connected while on the move. Leverage our software to enhance businesses growth with improved flexibility, increased agent productivity and enhanced customer service. Contact us today to learn more about how our application can benefit your organization and empower your mobile workforce.

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    See Frequently Asked Questions

    What tools or technologies are required for mobile call center solution?
    To enable mobile agents in a contact center, following tools and technologies are typically required:
    • Mobile Devices: Agents need smartphones or tablets with the necessary applications to handle customer interactions, access customer data, and communicate with other team members.
    • Mobile Application: Mobile applications specifically designed for agents, providing features such as call routing, customer information access, and real-time reporting.
    • Unified Communication Tools: Agents should have access to unified communications platforms that enable them to make and receive calls, send messages, and collaborate with colleagues.
    • CRM and Customer Support Software: Integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems and help desk software to access customer information, update records, and manage support tickets efficiently.
    • Security and Privacy Tools: To ensure the security of customer data and communications, agents require tools like secure VPN connections, encryption and defined access controls.
    • Flexibility: Agents can work from any location, enabling them to provide customer support even outside the traditional office environment.
    • Improved Responsiveness: Support team can quickly respond to customer inquiries or issues, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall customer experience.
    • Cost Savings: Working on the go eliminate the need for physical office space and associated infrastructure, reducing operational costs for the contact center.
    • Increased Agent Satisfaction: Employees enjoy the freedom to work remotely, leading to improved work-life balance and potentially higher job satisfaction.
    • Scalability: Businesses can easily scale their operations by incorporating mobile agents, as they are not limited by physical office space constraints.

    Yes, with the right tools and technologies in place, mobile agents can provide the same level of service as in-office agents. Our ID Mobile application with unified communications platforms, and seamless CRM integrations enables mobile agents to access customer information, collaborate with colleagues, and communicate with customers effectively.