Automatic Call Distributor

Automatic call distributors are telephony systems that automate the distribution of incoming calls based on customer preferences, types, etc. and deliver them through computer telephony integration (CTI) to an appropriate agent. With this application, inbound contact centers can manage large volumes of calls without over burdening their teams and improve customer experiences by ensuring that customers get connected to a capable agent at the earliest opportunity.

ID Cloud software is compatible with IP PBXs and traditional TDM PBXs. Using a rule-based algorithm, the best available agent responds to incoming calls. Additional data is collected to help make this match. In some cases, the caller's ID or Automatic Number Identification (ANI) is used to route calls. A queue system is integrated within the ACD to automatically queue, prioritize and route incoming calls to the appropriate logged in agents. When many calls are in queue, the queue position number, the wait time as well as a jingle message and hold music are displayed until the call is routed.

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How do ACD Solutions Work?

Call centers can streamline customer communications, enhance their customers experience, remain productive by pursuing a logical path for call routing, so that customers do not get stuck in a perpetual loop or queue and the agents are not overburdened.

Call distribution software routes the calls to the best-suited agents based on predefined parameters, ensuring that a customer's problem is resolved promptly.


ACD solution begins with an IVR that helps determine the caller's purpose of calling, his preferred language and identification.

Call Routing

Intelligent algorithms facilitate to route the call to an agent that’s best equipped to handle the callers concern with the information gathered.

Call Queue

It helps to arrange the call queue and sort the callers into a waiting list according to agents' availability and suitability. Factors taken into consideration include number of calls in queue, queue waiting time etc.

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Powerful Automatic Distribution System Features for Customer Service

Unified Queue Management

Consolidation of multiple channels into a single queue for efficient handling and routing of customer interactions.

Skill-based Routing

ACD solution can route calls based on agent skills, expertise, availability, and other defined rules.

IVR Integration

Integration with interactive voice response systems to gather caller information and preferences.

Integration Capabilities

Compatibility with other systems such as CRM software, ticketing systems, and workforce management tools to access customer data and provide personalized service.

Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

All calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Customization Options

Our automatic call distribution system gives you the flexibility to define rules, routing algorithms, and call handling processes to align with your requirements.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time visibility into call queues, agent availability, and performance metrics.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting capabilities to track call metrics, agent performance, and customer satisfaction.


Capability to handle increasing call volumes and support the growth of your contact center.

Multiple DNIs Support

Multiple DNIs numbers can be assigned to a single ACD service. This allows contact centers to handle multiple dialled numbers while reducing the number of individual campaigns required.

Types of ACD Call Routing Methods

Choosing the right routing strategy can help fix those issues that can be a key to improving business' productivity and efficiency. There are many types of methods available based on multiple algorithms using the automatic distribution software to route all calls intelligently.

Round Robin

Calls are distributed to agents sequentially. The first agent receives a call, then the second agent and so on.

Skill Based

The system will map the caller’s need and determine the best-suited agent to deliver the call to. The agent that possesses the most adequate set of skills receives the call.

ACD system can route a call based on the automatic number identification of the caller to the appropriate campaign.

Priority Routing

If the customer is found to be priority or VIP, the call routing will be done immediately to a special or an idle agent.

Direct Inward Dialling

DID allows a caller to reach a specific agent within the contact center without being queued in an ACD group.

Language Routing

Based on language selected by client on IVR, call can be routed to respective agent with language proficiency even combining it with the priority and skill-based routing.

Conditional Routing

Based on the connected inbound call and respective caller’s input, call is routed to the respective campaign groups like help desk, sales department etc.

Sticky Agent

ACD routes the customers call to the same agent that they had talked to earlier within the configurable time period.

Longest Idle

Callers are routed to the available agent who has been idle for the longest time.

ACD Integrations for Contact Center Optimization

Automatic call distributor can be integrated with other features of the contact center application that bolster customer satisfaction viz:

CTI Integration

Computer telephony integration connects the telecom system, the IT infrastructure, and software applications with customer data. CTI applications help to authenticate callers, provide interactive voice response, match their details with the existing database and forward the call to the most suitable person.

IVR Integration
The ACD system of ID Cloud is used for general telephony routing while the IVR system is used for call routing. IVR integration provides callers a service menu that allows them to indicate why they have called so that the software can route them to the appropriate agent.

CRM Integration
All third party or existing CRM applications can even be integrated with ACD solutions, enabling agents to view customer information including their interaction history whether through call, chat, email or social media and more.

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    See Frequently Asked Questions

    What is automatic call distribution software?

    ACD software is a system used in contact centers or customer service departments to distribute incoming calls to the appropriate agents or customer care representatives. It is designed to efficiently handle and route large volumes of incoming calls based on predefined rules and criteria.

    Some key benefits -
    • Route inbound calls to an appropriate agent with a range of intelligent routing algorithms.
    • Deliver personalized customer experience based on customer’s preferences, past interactions, and IVR selections.
    • Transfer calls from high-value customers to the most skilled agents on priority bases.
    • Reduce the average call handling time and enable agents to resolve queries for resource optimization.
    • Automatic call distributor helps improve customer experience, leads to faster first-call resolution, and improves agent efficiency.
    • Improves customer relationships with higher satisfaction rates and better experience.
    When evaluating ACD software, consider the following key features -
    • Smart call routing
    • Automatic callbacks
    • Call queueing
    • Third-party integrations
    • Call monitoring
    • Analytics and reports

    Yes, Teckinfo’s call distribution software can be used in remote or virtual call centre setups. With the availability of cloud-based solutions, agents can handle calls from any location as long as they have an internet connection and access to the ACD system. This allows businesses to create distributed teams or support remote work arrangements while maintaining efficient call routing.