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Converse with your customers seamlessly via WhatsApp or ViaSMS messaging platforms. Provide an exhilarating experience to your clients or prospects, regardless of the channel they choose. Embracing multi-channel software empowers businesses with real-time engagement, personalized service, and efficient operations, catering to preferences while enhancing overall satisfaction.

ntegrating WhatsApp business platform with our omni-channel contact centre solution enables businesses to send personalized messages, notifications, and updates to their clients and prospects. It can be used to send automated messages for customer support, transaction updates, appointment reminders, and marketing campaigns. By leveraging its popularity and features, businesses are empowered to create an interactive channel for engagement, fostering better relationships and improving their overall experience.

Teckinfo’s Messaging Solution - A Platform Enabling Digital Dialogue, Transforming Business Communication with WhatsApp for Customer Service

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What is a Messaging Solution in the Context of a Contact Center?

It refers to a platform or software that enables businesses to interact with customers through various channels such as SMS, web chat, social media, and messaging apps. It allows for real-time and asynchronous communication between customers and agents.

What is a Messaging Solution in the Context of a Contact Center?

It refers to a platform or software that enables businesses to interact with customers through various channels such as SMS, web chat, social media, and messaging apps. It allows for real-time and asynchronous communication between customers and agents. 

Capabilities of WhatsApp Messaging for Customer Service

Channel Integration

WhatsApp as a messaging channel, alongside other channels like voice, email, chat, and social media offers a true omni-channel business communication solution.

Integration with CRM

Data sharing through CRM system enables businesses to maintain a comprehensive customer interaction history.

Automated Messaging

Automate messages like confirmations, updates, and reminders, improve service by providing instant responses and handling routine queries.

Two-Way Communication

Agents can send and receive messages through the WhatsApp business platform, allowing for personalization and efficient issue resolution.


Send alerts for events, launches or sales, provide timely updates and order confirmations, ensure proactive engagement, and enhance communication effectiveness.

Multimedia Support

Share images, videos, audio files and documents, provide visual instructions for interactive communication, troubleshoot issues and more.


Automate responses, assist with FAQs, and provide quick replies with WhatsApp bot to bolster customer engagement.


Ensure messages comply with all guidelines and can be used for specific scenarios viz: appointment reminders, shipping notifications, and more.

Analytics and Reporting

Provides insights into delivery, response rates, and customer engagement to measure the effectiveness of your support strategies and make data-driven improvements.


While using WhatsApp for customer service, end-to-end encryption of messages ensures the privacy and security of data and adherence to compliance regulations.

Upgrade communication with our advanced messaging solutions for seamless conversations via WhatsApp, SMS.

Key Elements of ViaSMS Solution

ViaSMS, A messaging-based alert and query system, developed by Teckinfo to pass on information to and communicate with clients in an effective manner. It can be used to deliver useful information such as booking and payment details, payment reminders, updates on special deals or offers, etc. in the form of text messages. It targets people based on the contacts and groups in an address book that is maintained and updated in an organization’s database. Can be integrated with existing systems of organizations belonging to diverse industry verticals viz: automobile, education, hospitality, healthcare and many more.

Operational Flexibility

Two-way SMS communication using GSM modem or one way (outbound) using internet SMS gateway.


User configurable research based on key words in the message. Enable recipients to interact by sending specific keywords, triggering predefined actions.

Address Book

Individual and global address book maintenance with import, export of address books.

Regulatory Compliance

DNC list maintenance with import, export of do not disturb data.

API Integration

Integrate with business systems, application software’s and databases like ERP, CRM for seamless operations. Built in email integration for automatic dual routing.


Customize messages based on recipient data, enhancing engagement.

Automated Responses

Set up automated replies for common inquiries, improving efficiency.

Time-sensitive Alerts

Send time-critical notifications, like appointment reminders or order updates.


Gather insights on message open rates and response rates for performance evaluation.

Customer Engagement

Use SMS for surveys, polls, and feedback collection.

Leverage WhatsApp Business Benefits with ID Cloud Software

  • Multi-channel Communication: Allows businesses to interact with customers across their preferred channels, viz: SMS or WhatsApp leading to an enhanced user experience.
  • Real-time Responses: Offers relatively quick responses compared to traditional email. Using the WhatsApp business platform agents can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, improving efficiency.
  • Reduced Customer Effort: Reduces effort required to communicate and get issues resolved. No need to stay on hold or navigate through complex IVR systems.
  • Personalization: Agents can view customer transaction history and preferences for a personalized interaction and offer tailored solutions.
  • Enhanced Agent Productivity: Options like canned responses, templates, and knowledge bases help agents to respond quickly and consistently leading to higher productivity.
  • Analytics and Insights: Analytic tools help track key metrics like response times and issue resolution rates to optimize customer interactions.
  • Cost Savings: Text interactions can be handled by fewer agents, as opposed to phone conversations that may require more time and resources leading to cost savings.
  • Proactive Outreach: Can be used for proactive engagement, such as sending notifications, updates, or promotional messages, keeping customers informed and engaged.
  • Integration Capabilities: As a WhatsApp business solution provider, we help you unify all your systems and data, viz: CRM platforms, ticketing systems, and knowledge bases leading to seamless flow of information and a single view across channels.

Maximize Customer Engagement with ID Cloud in Messaging Solution

Embracing our messaging solution offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly elevate your customer support strategy. By providing multi-channel communication, real-time responses, and personalized interactions, businesses can enhance client’s satisfaction. Integration capabilities and insightful analytics contribute to streamlined operations and data-driven decision-making. With its scalability, 24/7 availability, and cost-effective nature, WhatsApp business platform aligns with user preferences and a bigger reach. As businesses continue to evolve and customer expectations shift, investing in ID Cloud shall prove to be a strategic move that fosters meaningful connections and sets the stage for long-term success in the digital age. 

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    What are the advantages of using a WhatsApp business for customer support?

    Messaging solution offers advantages like multi-channel communication, real-time responses, personalized interactions, efficient agent workflows, integration capabilities, analytics insights, and cost savings, ultimately leading to improved satisfaction and streamlined operations.

    WhatsApp for customer service provides them with the flexibility to engage in conversations at their own pace, reduces the effort required to communicate, and allows for personalized interactions based on history and preferences. This leads to a more convenient and tailored customer experience.

    Our ID Cloud contact center software has integration capabilities to connect with customer relationship management, ticketing systems, knowledge bases, and other relevant tools. This ensures easy flow of information and enhances the overall service and support process.

    Yes, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. They often require fewer resources to handle multiple conversations, reducing the need for extensive staffing and infrastructure associated with traditional phone support.