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In the vibrant eco-system of financial services, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) need an omni-channel contact center solution to stand at the forefront of digital innovation and service excellence. Teckinfo’s ID Cloud designed for NBFC entities emerges as the cornerstone of their digital transformation, providing them a strategic edge to excel in customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Our NBFC industry software solutions seamlessly integrate multi-channel communication, it aids them to streamline interactions through voice, email, chat, and more. They are empowered to deliver personalized, efficient, and compliant services, enabling them to foster trust and loyalty among customers. By harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies, analytics, and real-time insights, it not only enhances client satisfaction but also strengthens regulatory compliance, making it an indispensable asset in the NBFC sector's pursuit of excellence.

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Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions for the NBFC Sector

NBFC’s offer a diverse array of financial products and services like granting credit and giving loans to individuals and enterprises alike. Companies looking to drive growth need to focus on two crucial aspects of customer engagement, efficient pre and post loan management. Our software for NBFC companies in India Connect and Collect, built using advanced technology to drive automation and effectiveness in operations, is a domain specific solution for non-banking financial services companies. It helps them in effectively managing pre loan inquiries, convert them into leads and helps in efficient post loan management of debt collection on a single platform that is robust, secure, and highly scalable.

Multi-Channel Support

As a unified customer interaction software, our solution helps organizations provide seamless service across all communication channels. It consolidates all conversations from various channels e.g. voice, email, chat, video, SMS, social media and WhatsApp into single queue. With unified agent management, agents are able to view all historical data, making it easier to resolve problems quickly thus providing clients with consistent omnichannel support.

Customer Interaction Management

Intelligent routing capabilities of call center solutions for NBFC industry enables seamless routing of inbound calls to the most appropriate agent based on their skills, expertise, and availability. The dialer system empowers companies to capture inquiries from multiple channels for an increased lead conversion ratio. Right party connects lead to efficient handling of sales and marketing activities and intelligent dialling logics result in timely and incremental collections.

Automated IVR and Self-Service Options

AI-Powered IVR system allows users to interact with the system to easily access account information, make transactions and seek financial guidance more conveniently. It ensures a seamless and efficient customer journey while reducing wait times and enhancing overall satisfaction. Self-Service interactive voice response system helps people navigate through common queries and tasks, viz: balance inquiry, check loan status and bill payment without speaking to an agent.

Integration API’s

Ready connectors and customizable API’s for seamless integrations with existing CRM software, core banking and other backend systems like payment gateways, collections systems, and databases. The contact center software for NBFC industry allows for seamless data exchange during conversations, that provide agents a 360-degree view of customer information, transaction history including loan applications, payments and previous interactions leading to reduced agent effort.

Explore our cloud solutions for NBFC industry today to strengthen client connections, and propel growth.

Transform Customer Services with Conversational AI

Leveraging Conversational AI, call center software for NBFC company help organisations to provide customers with seamless, real-time interactions. The intelligent systems help understand natural language, offer personalized responses, efficiently address inquiries making complex financial transactions more accessible and user-friendly.

Utilizing AI capabilities of software for NBFC companies in India, organisations are empowered to offer customers tailored product recommendations based on their financial goals, transaction history and preferences, monitor transactions and detect unusual or fraudulent activity, providing an additional layer of security for both clients and organisations.

AI-powered virtual assistants can be utilized to provide personalized financial advice, answer account-related queries, and guide customers through various financial services. Also, they can aid in assessing their eligibility for loans, credit cards, or other products based on their financial history, income, and credit score.

Chatbots can be utilized to handle routine inquiries, process transactions, and provide account information 24/7, schedule appointments with financial advisors or loan officers ensuring customers receive personalized assistance when needed and reduce the workload on human agents and improve response times.

ID Cloud Software offers Tailored NBFC Solutions

At Teckinfo we understand the unique challenges faced by NBFC’s when it comes to managing customer interactions. With the growing competition and increasing regulatory demands, it is essential for them to have a reliable and efficient contact center solution that can streamline operations and enhance experience. Our unified contact center solution provides them with a comprehensive set of tools and features to effectively manage interactions:

  • Notifications: Timely alerts and reminders in the form of SMS, email, along with automated voice broadcasting are some important notification capabilities of our contact center solutions for NBFC sector. This reminds clients of upcoming or overdue payments there by increasing collections.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Internal chat, messaging, screen sharing capabilities and supervisor barge-in in real-time allow collaboration among agents and managers. This enables agents to seek assistance or escalate complex issues to subject matter experts, improving first-call resolution rates.
  • Call Recording and Quality Management: Call recording, quality monitoring including call evaluations and coaching features aid in training and agent performance tracking. This also helps ensure consistent quality of interactions excellent customer service and in maintaining brand reputation.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Comprehensive real-time reporting and analytics dashboards provide valuable insights into call volumes, service levels and agent performance facilitating managers to use this data to make informed decisions, optimize operations and continuously improve services.
  • Security and Compliance: NBFCs deal with sensitive financial information, our solution incorporates compliance features, such as call recording, masking, encryption of sensitive customer data, and adheres to other security protocols such as PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA and other relevant industry standards.
  • Flexibility, Scalability and Redundancy: Our software for NBFC companies in India can scale with the growing needs of businesses. Flexible deployment options like on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid solutions are available. Robust disaster recovery and redundancy measures ensure business continuity.
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    Why do NBFC’s need a call center software?

    NBFCs need a unified contact center solution to streamline business communications across multiple channels, ensure regulatory compliance, provide efficient support, and gain insights into customer interactions.

    It improves service by enabling efficient call routing, reducing wait times, providing agents with customer information, and allowing for personalized interactions.

    Yes, data security is a crucial concern. Our solution adheres to NBFC security protocols to protect sensitive financial information and complies with industry regulations.

    Yes, ID Cloud can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems, allowing agents to access customer data from CRM and core banking systems, providing a holistic view of all interactions.

    Teckinfo offers AI-driven chatbots that can handle routine customer inquiries, freeing up human agents for more complex tasks and providing 24x7 support.