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ID Cloud for Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM Integration

Connect, Engage & Manage customer interactions easily within Zoho CRM

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    ID Cloud for Zoho is an innovative solution to integrate your phone system with Zoho platform, helping your sales & support teams handle customer calls more effectively. Users can manage all call-related activities inside Zoho and enrich customer interaction experience through call notifications, click-to-dial, and call-recording integration features.

    Phone Bridge Features integrated with Zoho CRM

    Click To

    Call your customers and leads directly from your Zoho account with a single click using the click-to-dial feature. Has an option for agents to Work from Home (WFH) and Work from Anywhere (WFA)

    CRM Screen

    Receive screen pop-ups for incoming & outgoing calls to see instantly who is calling or being called. Provide sales agents detailed information & contextual access to the historical interactions

    Intelligent Call

    Intelligent call routing based on predefined rules, roles and skills to connect with the right agent for faster customer query resolution


    All incoming and outgoing calls are logged automatically to track inside the Zoho platform itself


    Option to playback recorded calls; can be used for call analytics, internal trainings to boost agent efficiency & productivity

    Enhance Business Efficiency & Productivity with ID Cloud
    Work from Home / Work from Anywhere
    Deliver an enriched CX