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IVR Call Center Software Solution

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a very important tool for any enterprise, bank or BPO. IVR call center software enables users to navigate a phone system using voice & DTMF tones input via a keypad, customers get automated responses to their queries or the IVR transfers the call to the appropriate agent using a rule based program.

Teckinfo is one of the best IVR solution provider in India. Our IVR solutions built on AI/ML technologies like dialog flow reduce the need for deployment of trained personnel leading to cost efficiency.

Features of IVR System

AI/ML enabled voice assistance

Outbound IVR/AOD/OBD

Multilevel IVR

Dynamic IVR

Self-Service IVR

Virtual patching

Visual IVR

Multi-language support

Flow Designer IVR Development

Supports Text to Speech tool

Supports Speech Recognition tool

Integration with 3rd party applications / database


Benefits of IVR Software for Businesses

24x7 self-service for customers

Manage large call volumes

Reduced load on agents

Can be used or customer feedback or surveys

Reduce operational costs

Boost business efficiency

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