Why Predictive Dialer Software is Most Suitable for Large Enterprises?

Now a day, there are lots of options available to contact with customers like social media platforms, sms alert system, email, chat, voice etc. But a voice is the most effective way to contact with customers especially in case of sales because when we talk with someone, it’s easy to convince them to achieve the specific goal. When we talk about voice, we use auto dialer for an outbound call center. We have again options for outbound dialer like predictive dialer, progressive dialer, power dialer & preview dialer. It is confusing to decide which type of dialer to use by large enterprise or an outbound call center because the implementation of right technology for calling is very important. So, the answer to this question is Predictive Dialer as it helps for cold-calling, inside sales & customer support etc.

Why Use Predictive Dialer Software?

Predictive Dialer is an outbound dialer. A predictive dialer is designed to handle a large number of calls in a short time period. Predictive dialer software is an auto dialer software that automatically dials the numbers from the list. In this dialer, after automatic dialing, if someone responds only when the call is transferred to the appropriate agent. If no one responds to the call, it automatically calls on another number so that the agent’s time is not wasted.

Predictive Dialer Software uses advanced algorithms to improve agent productivity by reducing the waiting time, the number of dropped calls & idle time of agents. When dialer dials the call, assign the call to the available agent. It’s a continuous process. It starts dialing the number again after a few seconds and assigns the call to next agent, repeat this process to increase the productivity. This software increases the 90% efficiency of agents in comparison to manual dialing because using this dialer, agent time is not wasted by listening to the dial tones of unanswered calls, invalid numbers, busy tones or not reachable etc.

Predictive dialer helps you to handle blended calls that deals with both inbound or outbound calls. It also helps to keep database always updated. If an agent is not able to handle the call properly then senior can take the call to convert the conversation into leads. It also helps the managers to monitor the performance of the agents or representatives through the call recording and monitoring interface.

predictive dialer software

Advantages of Predictive Dialer Software

  • Reducing the number of dropped calls & idle time of agents
  • Independent decision-making capabilities to make the system more efficient
  • Allowing the process to continue across multiple time zones
  • Calling multiple list or groups parallels.
  • Historical CRM reports help to handle customers
  • Adheres to the guidelines of DND or Do Not Disturb
  • View dynamic reports & analytics
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI) to reach more contacts at the same time.
  • Deliver Higher Customer Satisfaction

Features of Predictive Dialer Software

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR) & NCPR Support
  • Centralized Lead Uploader for Multi-Location Dialer
  • Voice & Screen Recording
  • Advance Dialing Rules
  • Advance System Alerts via SMS/ Email
  • FTD / MTD Data Export
  • Easy Importing & Uploading
  • Call Transfer & Conference
  • Detailed Call Report & Analytics
  • Click-to-call Dialing
  • Play Audio Files During Calls
  • Integration with any application/database
  • Integration for Consent Gateway IVR
  • Dynamic CLI Options
  • Agents Status Alerts
  • Option for Redundancy of Asterisk

Getting a Predictive Dialer Software in call center solutions is now essential as it uses the statistical algorithm to minimize the time that agents spend waiting between the conversations, helps to gain maximum leads strategically & deliver higher customer satisfaction.