Improve Your Sales with Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialing helps you reach out to more customers and explore more business opportunities

Customer service organizations across industries and markets are under pressure to increase sales and deliver better business results. Contact centers need to continuously evolve and look for ways to improve the productivity and sales efficiency of their people. They have to ensure that their agents are not just making more calls, but are also talking to the right people at the right time. There is a need to improve the quantity as well as quality of interactions.

Predictive dialer software provides an intelligent solution to manage outbound calls in a way that maximizes call utilization, reduces call abandonment and significantly improves the performance of service agents. Although predictive dialing technology has been around for some time, not many companies have been able to realize its true potential. Market experts assert that if the technology is deployed judiciously, it can increase agent productivity by at least two to three times. It has a positive impact on the overall quality of customer service, which eventually translates into more customers and higher revenues for the organization.

Efficient Lead Management

Predictive dialers use complex algorithms to predict whom to call and at what frequency, thus ensuring maximum hit rate. Live calls are automatically routed to the available agents and the system can assess when an agent will be free to attend the next call. These decisions are based on a number of parameters such as the number of agents logged in, the approximate duration of a call, agent idle time etc.

An auto dialer software has capabilities to detect disconnected lines, busy signals, voice mails and no answers. The calls can be managed more efficiently by taking all these factors into consideration. This minimizes time wastage and agents can work on more leads and close more sales at any given time.

Predictive dialer software automatically identifies and connects to customers with the highest buying potential, thereby enabling effective lead management and further increasing the probability of sales. The solution organizes customer information and sales leads in a way that can be effectively utilized by service agents to improve business results.

Maximize Agent Productivity & Sales Efforts

Efficient management of customer calls and sales leads also improves the productivity and performance of customer service agents. They are able to save the effort that was earlier wasted on manual dialing, redialing, faulty numbers or uninterested customers. The overall saving in time can be productively utilized for upgrading the skills of agents or other value-adding activities.

A predictive dialer not only increases your contact ratios, but can also be aligned with sales and marketing campaigns to accomplish long-term business goals. Many contact centers are using predictive dialing technology to support multi-channel campaigns as it proves quite effective in handling high volumes and multiple touch points across different platforms.

Predictive dialing streamlines your customer management processes, improves service quality and significantly boosts your sales efforts. Improvement in contact rates, call duration and interaction quality automatically results in better business performance. Customers also become more receptive and there is a positive impact on the organization’s revenues and profitability in the long term.

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Interdialog Dialer is an independent & intelligent outbound dialer that controls the outbound calls, made by a contact center, using various algorithms. This Dialer works as Predictive Dialer Software, Progressive Dialer Software, Preview Dialer Software & Power Dialer Software mode based on the requirement of the process. It allows the system to create groups/caller lists and then dials out to multiple calling groups/lists at the same time, thus helping target a wider market segment in a shorter period of time.

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Drafted & written by Manisha Gupta