Why Call Recording is essential for Stock Broking Companies

Stock trading is a very fast paced environment where brokers are communicating with multiple customers simultaneously and executing the orders. A slight delay can lead to price fluctuation and loss for the customers. Understandably, whenever you deal with people’s money there are lot of compliance directives and related disputes.

Recently, SEBI the governing body for stock trading and exchanges in India has issued an order to all stock brokers to maintain records of all telephonic communications with the clients for a specific periods.

Our call management solution not only helps you record and archive all communications, it also saves in a centralized database for future retrievals. Key advantages of using our solution are:

  • Adherence to Regulatory Compliance
  • Easily retrieve call recordings for future disputes
  • Improve quality by performing sample quality checks
  • Inbuilt time stamping feature helps you pull recordings during a time window
  • Automatic recording of all inbound and outbound calls

Call recording is just one of the components of our solution; we also a tool for centralized recording database and voice retrieval system. With offices (branches) spread all over the country, it gives you unified view and retrieval option for all recorded files. It is an independent tool which can work with any third party logger also. All the communication is recorded and available for future reference.

Consider the impact it will have on your business. Your capabilities to interact with customers and execute orders will increase multifold giving you a strategic advantage over your competition.


  • Be ahead of the competition
  • Delighted customer leading to increased revenues
  • Less disputes; less legal fee. Increased profit margins
  • Increased supervisory control through live monitoring tools
  • Increased productivity

SEBI’s directive is not just another compliance requirement; view it as an opportunity to enhance your capabilities and gain advantage over competitors. Don’t wait and contact us immediately to reap the above benefits. Write to us at info@teckinfo.in to get more details of the solution.