Trending Technologies that are Disrupting Customer Services

Many smart service providers are increasingly making use of technology to steer their customer service in the right direction. With rapid expansion into digital space and revolutionary IT applications, several businesses have streamlined their processes using contact center software and new age AI technology.

From the time that customers endured the IVR to the template driven email responses that we are still living with, the world is changing and evolving at a rapid pace as we see AI taking centre stage at the contact centre. Customers now seek intelligent conversations that are personalized to their situations and are available on demand. Gartner’s research says that by the year 2020, almost 25% of all customer service operations will be using the chatbots.


Several trends are contributing to building an omni-channel customer service environment. They are working in tandem to deliver a unique and superior customer experience, leveraging the AI.

#1 Live Chat Support

Stats reveal that over 30% of customers expect live chat on a website. If they are accessing it over their mobile device, the number is as high as 62%. In fact, live chat domain is expected to grow by 87% by the time we reach 2019.

Customers seek quick responses and look for automated systems in companies that are available regardless of office hours. Live chat aims to fill in this requirement. While automations like these are tough to personalize, businesses are using this most preferred mode of interaction owing to customer preferences.

#2 Chatbots

The use of chatbots is increasing with businesses relying on them for engaging customers, resolving small service issues and cutting down the mountain of emails. A niche concept that has progressed into becoming one of the most mainstream technologies for efficient customer service, chatbots are perceived as viable business tools.

According to recent stats, 45% customers prefer a chatbot for customer support and communication. However, for businesses to use this mode as a feasible communication channel, support content must be optimized that will enable delivery of concise, quick and authoritative responses.

#3 Social Media

Stats say that 90% of social network users have used social media to communicate with a company or a brand. One could say that social media is one of the most preferred mode of interactions between a business and a customer. According to a new report, 42% of customers who complain on social media expect a response within an hour! 32% of them expect it within 30 minutes and 11% of customers expect an immediate response.

#4 Messenger Apps

Text messaging, Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp are changing the way contact centres operate and the way customers communicate with brands. New and improved methods of interaction via messaging apps facilitate better customer experiences. Businesses are developing their own CRM systems to seamlessly connect with customers and maintaining profiles for better engagement.

#5 Virtual Agents

Many companies are developing the AI-based ‘Virtual Agents’ – a technology that will work at the frontline of their contact centre. The technology is designed to emulate human responses that will not just resolve customer’s query/complaint, but will also analyse the conversation to serve customers better and build better engagement.

Final Thoughts

Technology like AI meets the demand for more sophisticated and self serving options that provide a truly proactive customer experience. It is steadily transforming how customers interact with businesses and ultimately impact contact centre operations. The customer service industry must evolve with emerging technology to integrate seamlessly into existing IT systems and infrastructure and enhance their customer experiences.

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