Teckinfo rated Top 5 Most Promising Contact Center Solutions by Silicon India!

As technology progresses at a break neck speed, there is a noticeable shift from hardware to software dominance in Unified Communications and Collaboration processes. Moving towards a high software presence in organizational processes means there is a need to move towards wireless setups that would facilitate convenient communication channels with a global team consisting of managers, vendors, shareholders and clients. It would also enable your organization to promptly respond to the queries and needs of customers in any part of the world.

Although the shift to instant communication channels like IP telephones, Video conferencing and Instant messaging largely cuts down response time and enables easy contact globally, it has to done in such a manner so as not to burden your organisation’s resources with maintenance and cost overheads. To break this vicious circle of the need to stay ahead of the competition and avoiding the extra costs of doing so, Silicon India, with the help of a panel of top analysts, CEOs and VCs of the industry alongwith their own top experts hand-picked a list of the top 5 vendors of Unified Communication Solution or you can say Contact Center Solutions.

Rated amongst the Top 5 in this elite list, we at Teckinfo work towards designing solutions that fit perfectly within your organisation’s technology structure and work unceasingly towards a more efficient workflow. Improving customer interactions and responses, reducing costs and bringing the global team closer together are only some of the benefits that our solutions come equipped with. You also have the option to choose from a wide variety of solutions to ensure that you pick out and pay for only the one that is tailor made for your needs. As such, we commit that our solutions are more or less the wind beneath your wings. Bring one into your organization and watch it sail towards a better tomorrow!