Teckinfo is proud to present : Ninox+

What with trying to adhere to government policies and provide top notch quality control to the services you provide to your customers, call recording and logging has become a key process in any Voice oriented business/department. Considering this scenario, have you ever found yourself fretting over the amount of overhead expenses your organisation is raking in trying to integrate all the Voice Processes? Or all the effort and time that is being wasted in trying to collate and maintain data from all the branches of your organisation, especially when they are located far away? Although there are few joys greater than having the satisfaction of expanding your business, setting up branches and departments all over the over the world and being able to provide state of the art services at the snap of your fingers, the more widespread your organisation is, the more overhead you tend to run up in terms of collection, maintenance and integration of data. Apart from that, overhead expenses also tend to shoot up when you try to integrate new ‘cost cutting’ hardware and software sets within your existing framework.

Teckinfo introduces a solution to combat these issues and pretty much make them disappear. Ninox+, an independent add on tool meant exclusively to address your data view and retrieval issues. It is a highly scalable solution that can easily be integrated with your existing system. Ninox+ comes equipped with a central repository where all the recorded files are stored centrally. These files are collected by the Voice Loggers at each branch location, converted to an .mp3 format and then sent to the Central Repository.

Ninox+ not only cuts down on cost of storing the recorded files but also brings them onto a common platform (.mp3), which makes retrieval and viewing of these files easy. The recordings can further be used to train new agents and provide them guidelines with regards workflow in that particular department. In addition, these recordings also help in overcoming any conflict that may arise with a customer, due to alleged miscommunication over the calls. Ninox+ is a solution that will work like a well-fitted glove with any third party voice recorder you might have installed on your machines. It eliminates the overhead for any additional hardware or software installation, helps delivery high quality services to customers and ensures that all the new agents on the floor are trained to the best of their abilities, thereby drastically cutting down on any chances of human error.

Want to find out more about Ninox+?

Download the brochure at https://www.teckinfo.com/voice-logger-call-recording-software.php

In case of any queries/concerns, contact us at https://www.teckinfo.com/contact-us.php

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