Self Service IVR and its role in Customer Service

The advent of technology has simplified human life to an extent where you don’t even need to have a conversation with someone to get your job done. Few simple instructions and that’s it! You get it all. Wondering how? Numerous companies offering diverse products and services get connected with their customers through customer care centers and that’s nothing new. We have been speaking to a customer care representative all these years. This undoubtedly has been a resolution based attempt, however, it is time taking too. The long queues to get connected are no longer expected from a company which emphasizes on its customers. ‘Self Service’ is the new mantra globally!!

Why do you need Self-Service IVR:

You receive a product but it may turn a lemon! Or you have endless failed encounters assembling it! You may have purchased an online service which doesn’t allow you to log in and so on. The first thing splashing into your mind is Customer care. But this is no longer the scenario. Microsoft conducted a research which states that 90% of consumers globally are expecting self-service customer support sites. Other researches reveal that more than 50% of consumers prefer a mobile responsive self-service over the traditional customer support. The projected vision is that consumers will manage 85% of work themselves without interacting with a human representative.


Self Service IVR

Customer Self-Service and IVR:

Fundamentally, self-service means consumers getting support without a human interaction on behalf of a company. Majority of companies offer an online data base or a knowledge bank with illustrational tutorials and other useful operating procedures. The most common questions posed are answered on a resolution based statements in the Frequently Asked Questions page of an online portal. These have been the common self-serve supports we have been seeing in the past 5 years. But the latest in town is IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Though we have been using this feature as part of domestic, office as well as customer support telephonic feature, the trending self-service IVR is updated software to get robust results in achieving customer satisfaction in call center industry. Our IVR Solution can be quoted as a classic example of the software with stunning features driving customer experience.

Features of Self-support IVR:

  • Customer friendly Graphical System Design Interface
  • Analog and digital multiple telephone line support
  • Call screening, barging and switching options
  • Database integration
  • Text to speech
  • Data capturing from inputs
  • Call transfer within multiple extensions
  • Callers’ interaction and call details database
  • Multi-language support

Role of Self Service IVR in customer service:

  • Customers calls are answered in the language they prefer
  • Based on the number input, consumers are routed on a rule based program and the call data can be captured and stored for future interactions without the customer having to state about the previous interactions
  • Callers’ calls get routed to the appropriate terminal basing on the inputs of inquiries, new schemes, technical support, bill payment issues etc.
  • Advanced IVR software has voice mail feature where in customers can leave their queries and request for a call back
  • Irrespective of huge call volumes, every customer’s call is attended and entertained

Self-service is a winning ideology which reduces deployment of trained personnel there by leading to cost efficiency. Accuracy is another key element which attracts self-service feature. It also empowers consumers to get resolutions as per their time and convenience. Undoubtedly, self-service is a key component in delivering a delightful customer experience

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