Outbound Calling Software can help Banks with Positive Business Outcomes

While banks struggle with the increasing inflow of customer queries, customers are becoming increasingly aware about their expectations in terms of service and resolution. An omni channel platform is what is needed to address customer communication and provide best possible service.

Digital transformation of every industry including Banking was inevitable! Providing the omnichannel experience with the help of contact center software accelerated growth and created new opportunities for enhancing the customer’s journey and increasing turnover.

Here are some of the best positive outcomes that an outbound calling software can provide to the banking industry.

#1 Increase Call Connections

The productivity of a call center majorly depends upon call waiting, unanswered calls and talk time of agents. Having an outbound calling software can make it easier for you to automate the process and include an intelligent system to make operations much easier and customize your calling process.  

A software can help you manage high call volumes and uses automatic analysis to maximize productivity per agent. A predictive dialer can help you determine how many dialing attempts were made and whether or not a live contact was contacted. It detects busy signals, answering machines, takes into account unanswered calls and forwards calls that can be connected.

#2 Increase Productivity

With an automated software, your agents will have better productivity numbers to show on

a day. The right tools will help them in working smartly to save time and maximize customer interactions. A unified desktop for example can help agents multitask like handling calls, accessing customer information in single view to reduce handling time.

Efficient customer support is crucial for the banking industry. When clients need quick resolutions to their problems, a better equipped agent can use the right tools to provide the right answers and resolve any underlying conflict which might cost a loyal customer. When agents are able to call more people, they will be able to generate more business opportunities too.

#3 Handle Multiple Campaigns

With an efficient outbound calling software, one can easily manage several dialling processes or campaigns. You can create, modify or delete campaigns to optimize utilization of your software. Campaigns can be selected in advance so that agents are directed to them early.

Within the banking industry purview, multiple campaigns are launched with new services and products/solutions for customers. A simple click will direct specific group of agents to a specific campaign which will not only improve their productivity but will also reduce the scope of error.

#4 Seamless Integration with CRM or other backend Systems

An outbound calling software can be integrated with several other applications. Leading CRMs or customer support systems work seamlessly with such software, agents are more driven towards performing well and share a great relation with customers leading to personalized interactions and quick resolutions.

In the banking industry, customers having more than one product/service from a specific bank can have all their information at one place. For instance, if you have a credit card and a personal loan in a particular bank, it will become easier for a bank agent to clear those queries that concern your loan statement and credit card bill together saving time and maximizing customer satisfaction.

#5 Track Performance Metrics

An efficient outbound calling software gives you real time insights into agent and company performance. From call connect rates to reports and dashboards. This helps in better operations and better resource allocation. You can also track live data on metrics such as active calls, queued calls and number of agents on call to plan better.


The digital evolution of the banking industry provides a big window of opportunities to capture new markets and retain existing ones. With more calls being connected, they are more upsell & cross sell opportunities. With a robust outbound calling software, more leads can be generated for business. Traditional form of banking still exists but going digital with latest software will help in attracting the attention of the millennial customer who are on a constant lookout for better service at every touchpoint.

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