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Banking & Finance - Call Center Solution

Nowadays businesses having moved to the digital platform, customers demand exceptional services when it comes to communicating with banks w.r.t handling their finances be it when they visiting the local branch office, an ATM, or operating their account on a Laptop / Smartphone. Banks need a robust call center software for banking and finance to manage all the customer interactions. ID-Cloud, a premium banking & finance contact center software with its rich functionality set empowers the contact center with the multiple digital tools to view & understand customer expectations across digital channels and enables it to deliver connected omni-channel customer experience - be it a Retail Banking customer or a SME or Corporate Banking customer.

Key Capabilities of Banking & Finance Contact Center Software

  • True Omni-channel contact center solution that supports all digital channels, like voice, video, text messaging, mobile apps and social media etc.
  • Multi Deployment options viz: on Public / Private Cloud; Hybrid Cloud & on premise solutions makes it the best in class solution
  • Advanced multi-level / multiple language IVR assists in easy intelligent routing and get customers to the right agent quickly
  • AI-fuelled Google NLP technology for natural conversation
  • Voicebots, Web Chat bots & WhatsApp bots for automated self-service dialogues
  • Intelligent Dialer supports Preview / Progressive / Predictive / AOD Dialing modes for marketing offers, satisfaction surveys, collection calls, and call back requests
  • Blended Outbound / Inbound Campaign Management
  • Unified Agent Desktop to view / access customer interaction records across all channels
  • API’s for seamless integration with 3rd party applications
  • Integration capability with social channels viz: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn etc.
  • Recording – Voice / Screen logger
  • Comprehensive Reporting - with Standard default reports and option to create customized reports
  • Role & rules based login & access control make the solution secure
  • IVR & OTP authentication for Android Agents ensures data security while working remotely
  • Also option for advanced number encryption, information masking, secure data storage make it fully secure
  • Easily & highly scalable up-to 3500 concurrent agents & 10000 SIP channels on a single setup
  • HA (High Availability) & Disaster Recovery option make it an apt solution for mission critical processes

Key Benefits of Contact Center Solution for Banking & Finance

  • Facilitating two-way, human-like communications and directing customers to perform many banking transactions using Chabot
  • Offering 24/7 customer support, giving guidance and advice on financial decisions without overworking your call centre agents
  • Drive dramatic cost savings by automating transactional enquiries
  • Redirecting workforce to focus on more complex customer issues that require deeper human insight
  • Become more collaborative with the customers, reinvent relationship banking, augment customer engagement
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of customers' behaviour & transactions and use data gathered to provide substantially tailored offers
  • Acquire insights for cross-sale and up-sale opportunities
  • Reduce call handling time with a unified front-end, eliminating the need for multiple applications
  • Better identification & verification process for customer convenience
  • Increased first call resolution and agent empowerment with access to consolidated data in one place
  • Migrate lower-value customers and transactions to lower-cost channels (IVR, Web, SMS)
  • Enrich Customer Experience by converging all the channels such as Social Media, emails, calls, and SMS onto a single platform
  • Run service & collections campaigns simultaneously and maximize agent resources
  • Facilitates loan origination, fraud prevention, account creation and more
  • Extend services that go beyond normal business hours
  • Multi-device and multi-platform compatibility: IOS, Android, Windows
  • Anywhere, anytime access – use it from anywhere
  • Easy and intuitive banking anytime, virtually anywhere for customers
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for intent and entity recognition to deliver customer service in their own language
  • Turn your contact centres’ from a channel for transactions to a channel for relationship building
  • increase first call resolutions and turn the contact center into a profit center
  • Agents scripting capabilities for campaign calls, collection calls, satisfaction surveys, information-gathering calls and event-based selling
  • Single sign-on option gives agents access to instant information from diverse back end systems
  • 360-degree view for an end-to-end representations of customer interactions
  • Prompt & personalized services that are available 24/7 via their preferred digital channel
  • Enhanced organizational / employee efficiency & minimal infrastructure & deployment costs
  • Promotes Customer Retention & helps in sustained business / revenue generation
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership with quick Return on Investment
  • Minimize Operating Costs
  • Increase profitability by optimizing efficiency of your people & systems