Must have features for an Inbound Call Center…!

Flexible IVR
Its an important tool when an inbound call comes in, as it creates the filter in the queue and even decreases the stress on agents if the caller’s queries are resolved on the IVR. IVR should be flexible as per the trend of incoming calls to facilitate caller without a long holding time and routing to right agent.

Automatic Call Distribution is the way to route the call to the right agents thus lowering the callers wait time and less call queue. Priority routing for the premium callers is the add on in this feature.

Skill Based Routing
Identifying the skill set of the agents and routing the call to the right agents reduces the handling time of the calls. This features is one the most important one as it helps in using the agent’s knowledge in the best way and increasing the overall efficiency of the call center.

CRM Integration
CRM should be efficient enough to cater customer requests or complaints. First call resolution is always a target for each agent but in case of a repeated caller the history is very critical to resolve his complaint without making him irate.

Call Queue Monitoring
Caller should be managed quickly as they already were in call queue, this monitoring by supervisor is crucial to manage and analyze the call flow. Displaying the same to agents gives an idea to finish the current call and taking the next one.

Call Recording &Live Call Monitoring
Recording calls for quality assurance & other purposes is a must in a call center but this may not be enough. Live call monitoring allows supervisors to listen to live calls and barge in if need be. This allows managers to coach the agents on the spot and take control of the call if need be.

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