Integrate email and chat in your inbound call center for better efficiency

It’s a proven fact that companies that have focused on after sales service don’t have to adapt business process reengineering strategies to maintain a break-even in the years to come. Most of the companies with software, electronics, computer by products, gadgets etc. as their main products need to stay in touch with their customers because of the intricate systems their products are. Since people don’t find using these products easy, they prefer a guided installation or a trouble shooting. Manual help is out of question these days with the advent of technology and online trouble shooting. In such a context, entrepreneurs aim at reaching their clients in all possible ways.

The main source being inbound call centers where customers keep calling the companies’ representatives, the other important ways to reach them is email and chat. With the spur in internet usage, the customers using email and chat medium to reach customer care have increased multifold. Customers reach out to the service representatives through various channels depending on multiple elements such as time, cost, the issue they are facing, the available mode etc. Though, inbound call centers have been serving the purpose well, it is essential to pick the contemporary trends of every industry to mark an establishment in the domain.

Optimizing the customer experience is the key behind successful entrepreneurship and no stone should be left unturned to delight the customers. However, in the process of setting up an email and a chat service, call center management may need skilled agents. It may not be a feasible idea to hire thousands of agents to handle email and chat clients. However, able software can help the leadership achieve faster and intelligent results.  Unified Contact Center Software enables organizations to bring in more efficiency into their customer handling processes as agents can handle multiple channels simultaneously.

Effective email management software enables a leader to enhance ultimate customer experience due to its amicable features-

  • Streamline the process
  • Handle large number of incoming emails
  • Keyword analysis
  • Route email to right agents
  • Auto response
  • Convert email into tickets
  • Respond to customer before the Turn Around Time
  • Offer customers quicker and better solutions
  • Bring a smile on customers face

Similarly, a chat support has its own high notes and is the much sought after channel for any business. Let’s get into a brief rundown of these benefits.

  • Economic
  • Lead generating and sales driving
  • Canned messages
  • Multiple sessions for an agent
  • Establish customer trust and loyalty
  • Quick problem solving
  • Convenient to customers
  • Competitive benefits
  • Increase customer accessibility
  • Easy to analyze

When a business has inbound call center, an email and a chat support, it is comparatively very less possible that a contact is missed. This higher reach ensures an interactive bond between a customer and service provider and a long lasting relationship. Get an email and chat support for your inbound call center with comprehensive software such as @ttivvo to optimize the customer experience leading to an enhanced business process.

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