Handle all admission related inquiries efficiently with an intelligent unified call center software

One of the key event in everyone’s life is admissions; it is of paramount importance that every applicant is provided adequate time and information to make the choice, which will shape his career in the years to come. 21st century applicants and parents are well informed and do a thorough research before making a choice. With so many options to choose from it is very important for a university or an educational institute to reach out to maximum numbers of prospects and explain why one should choose them for a better future.

Most of the universities find themselves ill-equipped to handle this sudden burst of inquiries and lose out on many potential applicants. The staff at such institutions are not up to date with the latest technological trends and find it very challenging dealing with inquiries coming through digital means.

Overwhelmed by increased number of inquiries, they are unable to focus on the core job. Due to this pressure, they end up simply attending calls or responding to emails/chats instead of engaging with the applicant and help him/her understand why the institute is the right choice for him or her.

Running a contact center will provide the edge you need to not only handle these queries but also enhance the brand image of your university. A dedicated educational call center will provide you Omni-channel capability; a presence across all channels where prospective applicants can engage with the counsellors using any platform and have their queries answered immediately. You will get a specialized staff well equipped to handle the workload in addition, answer the initial queries aptly and on real time basis. Moreover, it will leave a lasting impression the prospective applicant and increase the probability of him shortlisting your educational institute over others.

Key benefits you can obtain are:

  • Stream line the admission process
  • Ensure 24×7 availability to address applicants from different time zones.
  • Supplying faster responses to inquiries through social media platforms eg; website forms and live chat. Agents will ensure that inquiries reaches the appropriate department who can respond timely and appropriately.
  • Real time monitoring of the life cycle of lead.
  • Follow up with potential applicants to ensure adequate support is available to applicants throughout the registration process.

To excel in a competitive field such as education, it is imperative that universities focus on enriching the applicant’s experience through the entire journey, from being simply prospects to successful alumni. This requires constant engagement with the applicants and can be achieved by a robust contact center solution. InterDialog Unified contact center suite helps in efficiently managing your admission inquiries and converting them into leads. The contact center software solution is capable enough to capture the applicant requests from multiple channels like voice, email, website chat & your social media page; So never miss an inquiry and easily convert applicants into your students: A task, which can be addressed only by a contact center.

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