Evaluating a Predictive Dialer

A Predictive Dialer is a Contact Center Solution, which automatically dials the phone numbers available in pre-uploaded contact list and connects live callers to an available Call Center Agent.

With the help of a sophisticated algorithm and statistical data, Predictive Dialer is able to identify the calling patterns, predict availability of agents and accordingly dial the apt amount of numbers thus maximizing the time agents spend speaking with customers.

Predictive Dialers often initiate more calls than the number of available agents. As soon as an agent finishes the previous call, the dialer has already dialed the next number in the queue and the next call is ready to handle. This reduces the Average Waiting Time agents spend between two calls to only a few seconds. The number of abandoned calls (a call initiated by dialer and answered by the customer with no agents available to handle it) is maintained at under 3% usually. If the abandon percentage increases, predictive dialer automatically reduces the number of calls it initiates for agents.

A Predictive Dialer ensures that only live connections route to the agent; it discards all junk connections like voicemail, busy tone, calls to fax, answering machines or any other automated service. Thus productivity of agents is enhanced significantly, as they do not need to manually dial telephone numbers, listen to answering machines and spend valuable time on unproductive calls.

The statistical analysis done by predictive dialers also consider factors like demographics, time zone, and location of the callers. It means if Peter lives in East Coast and Mike lives in West Coast then the dialer will contact them at a time appropriate as per respective time zones making it more likely for the customers to pick the call.

This greatly reduces the workload on the agent and allows the agent to focus solely on the call while the dialer on behalf of the agent addresses the variables.

To summarize, following are the benefits of a predictive dialer and any outbound call center can be considered inefficient without a predictive dialer:

  • Reduces the headcount needed for the campaign by eliminating the non-productive workload; which leads to significant savings towards wages
  • Better utilization of the contact list/ leads
  • Increased revenue, as agents are able to spend more time towards achieving goals
  • Better compliance as predictive dialers will remove the DNC numbers from the list
  • Enhanced reporting and analysis is available to supervisors to make operational decisions.

InterDialog UCCS  dialer has  dramatically increased the productivity of call center agents. It has been testified  by  clients that using IDUCCS predictive dialer, agents in their call centers were able to increase their right party contacts and this resulted in enhanced efficiency in their contact centers.

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