Embracing IVR Self-Service Solutions for Superior Customer Experience

IVR Self-Service reduces operational costs and allows you to handle more customer transactions with higher accuracy

A growing number of organizations world over are embracing ivr selivr-edge-bannerf-service technologies as a cost-effective alternative to traditional agent-based customer support. There are numerous findings indicating how enterprises across various sectors are reaping significant benefits by migrating parts of their customer service operations towards automated self-service solutions where customers can find information or resolve issues on their own. Gartner research states that by 2020, customers will manage almost 85% of their interactions with enterprises without human intervention.

This transformation reflects the paradigm shift happening on both sides – enterprise contact centers and their customers. Customer care centers that have so far relied on traditional call-based service are increasingly looking for innovative models to stay profitable in a 24/7 business environment. Self-service technologies provide them a great opportunity to reduce costs, streamline processes and eventually handle significantly higher number of transactions with more accuracy.

At the same time, customer preferences have changed drastically. More and more people, of different age groups are using IVR Software, web and mobile platforms to buy products, gather information and resolve queries. Self-service is hence becoming the preferred choice for today’s tech savvy customers who want seamless interactions and do not want human intervention unless absolutely necessary.

Think Beyond Cost Savings

In the modern era, ivr self service applications form a vital element of enterprises’ customer service strategies. The cost benefit in the adoption of self-service is well established.  For instance, transactions handled through IVRS are known to cost significantly lower as compared to calls handled by live agents.

Cost reduction through reduced call volumes can be the initial motivating factor for businesses to embrace self service, but the long term benefits can exceed far beyond. In fact, enterprises that have been successful in adopting self-service strategies are reaping multiple benefits. Automated self-service platforms can go a long way in improving the efficiency of a contact center by ensuring that repetitive calls are reduced, and complex interactions are identified and transferred to customer care agents. Also, the impact of this transition can be significant on contact center agents who are saved from the monotony of repetitive calls and are allowed to focus on more challenging tasks.

For customers, seamless access across multiple touch points gives them the freedom to interact the way they want to. It also means issues are resolved faster and more effectively. This can add to their overall experience in interacting with a company and can go a long way in building customer loyalty.

Get the Right Blend

It is interesting to see that companies are acknowledging the value of multi-channel interactions and are investing in self-service solutions to improve margins and maximize customer satisfaction. Yet many companies are shying away from making the transition. In some cases, organizations think that such strategies would backfire. Like in case of products or services that aren’t well-known, traditional phone calls might still be the preferred medium.

The first and foremost consideration should be to understand the needs of your customer. How do they want to interact with you? A great contact center is not one that forces options on its customers but one that allows customers the freedom to interact in ways they want. The nature of business and the products or services being offering also determine the extent to which self service transition can be possible.

While making the shift, enterprises should remember that embracing self service in customer care centers isn’t just about adding some new technology features but a strategic initiative that needs adequate planning. Additionally, the change should be well-communicated to customers so that they are not lost in between multiple options. Soliciting feedback from customers and assessing the performance of self-service tools ensures that the efforts are on the right track.

Integration is the key here, as no single interaction channel can work independently. The key to superior customer experience will be attaining the right blend of human and automated interactions.

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Written by Manisha Gupta