Education Industry and Contact Center Solution

In order to be off the beaten path, Educational institutions are now focussing on the smooth and seamless experience for their applicants. These institutions have many touch points for the applicants across his journey from enquiring about the courses till enrolment. During this period of enquiring about the courses being offered till the admission, prospective students have many queries.  Nowadays applicants want prompt response to their queries and quick access to information so that they can either help themselves or get assistance from a legitimate counsellor.

To deliver an exemplary environment for applicants, administrative staff or counsellors, educational institutions needs to automate the routine tasks eg: handling large volumes of incoming traffic of calls, email or website chat and responding to other routine communication. While catering to inbound traffic, they should also work on the scheduled outbound communication about new courses offered or any other educational programs for awareness of the applicants who had contacted earlier but didn’t get enrolled for some reason.


To automate such conventional tasks, educational institutions should be opt for a smart software solution for their student interaction contact centres, which can enhance the efficiency and even provide a seamless communication mechanism across multiple platforms to applicants.

Here are some of the key features one should consider before selection a contact center application.

Self Service IVR:

IVR is the first step where a user interacts with an institution if he is using the voice medium for enquiries. A robust self-service IVR reduces the loads of counsellors by serving the queries right there. In case of request for human assistance these IVR create a filter so that it can be routed to the desired work group.

Intelligent inbound routing:

Contact center solution must be intelligent enough to route the calls to the best available resource for quick and appropriate assistance based on the nature of inquiry. Such intelligence not only helps the applicants for the quick answer to their queries but also the institutions, as it is handled by the resource who is apt for turning the caller into student.

Omni channel Interaction:

The new minds of applicants are open to explore the new trends in the market. They are adaptable to the new technologies and new methodologies. The contact center application should be catering to all the communication across multiple channels eg: voice, email, chat & social media. Prompt and active responses to applicants help them to take quick decisions.

Scheduled outbound Communication:

Applicants should be informed timely about the student engagement programs or updates on registrations through a voice or email communication. Outbound communication can be used for generating new leads as well.

Lead Management:

This process starts once the applicant shows interest in the student engagement program. Efficient CRM is an able ally for converting an applicant into a student of your institution. Data driven lead management ensures right decisions at the right moments by taking care of each stage of an applicant till his enrolment.


Resource Optimization:

Contact center application should automate the process of work force optimization. The counsellors must be assigned to communications across different workgroups, manage inflow of inquiries, track their own accounts.

Third party application integrations:

Educational institutions uses backend application to manage their operations e.g. fee submission, examination schedules etc. The contact center application should be available with ready to integrate API’s for two-way communication with different backend applications.

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