Automate Call Handling Using IVR Software

irv-edge-ivrsThis goal can be achieved by interactive voice response software or IVR software. Employing an IVR is cost effective instead of agents to answer the incoming call. Interactive Voice Response can cater to the queries of the caller and even ingest the response.

In an IVR the caller is served by the pre-recorded message by automating the calling process. The technology uses either touch-tone or speech-recognition technology to answer customer questions, handle their requests or point them in the right direction, all without having a human intervention.

More to differentiate among IVR’s, there are two types:

Inbound IVR and Outbound IVR
When the Caller calls in, a pre-recorded voice file is played with the options, For example- when calling a business the IVR might direct the customer to push 1 for a company directory, 2 for the billing department, 3 for the sales department, etc.  Then the caller’s queries are either handled by the IVR or gets transferred on opted option.

However, depending on a business’s need, IVR can help conduct much more complex transactions.

As in BFSI vertical, banks and insurance companies use IVR for more cumbersome process like payments of premium over phones. IVR can be connected to Third party payments gateways so transaction may occur in real time.

Other examples of inbound IVR uses include financial institutions that allow customers to conduct telephone banking or fill out loan applications, health care firms that let patients access admittance or discharge records, and retailers that want to accept product or service orders automatically over the phone

In addition to inbound IVR, many businesses are now taking advantage of outbound IVR technology where in a voice file is played at the receivers end once he answers the call also termed Automatic Outbound Dialing (A.O.D). Outbound IVRs allow businesses to have their systems call customers for things like conducting surveys or reminding them of upcoming appointments.

Benefits of IVR Software

Improved call handling and no cost involved in training of agents required to handle the call instead of IVR and as the actual number of agents goes down, it automatically reduces the operational costs of the business.

And the trained agents can handle the specific calls of specific customers, relatively increasing the efficiency and the productivity.

Teckinfo’s IVR Software is an independent IVR solution which helps in simplifying the way business handles calls from their customers. Self-service capabilities enabled by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, allow customers to access information and conduct transactions virtually around the clock. IVR Software automates some or all of your customer interactions to help improve the service you provide to your customers and in turn reap the advantages.
Teckinfo’s IVR is a robust and highly scalable Interactive Voice Response System, from 4 port to 128 E1 per server can be handled with ease and efficiency.

Written by Prashant Tiwari, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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