Effective Email Solution to elevate your customer experience

With more & more people using internet, number of emails coming into a customer service set up has become huge. Business can thrive well only with a proper email management system. To provide superior customer service, your customer service agents must be able to respond to emails in a timely manner. Effective email management can greatly improve customer satisfaction and experience. An email management system increases the productivity of your business.


Automated creation and assignment of tickets for quicker response time

Customer queries can be processed quickly with an email management software that takes care of creating and assigning tickets. The administrators don’t have to waste their time on assigning tickets and keeping track of them. The agents can seamlessly monitor the tickets, resolve the issue and quickly move the tickets queue so that the customers don’t have to wait for several days to get a response.

Intelligent Routing for faster resolution of queries

The skills of the agents will be matched with the queries automatically. This will ensure that the queries are forwarded to the appropriate section immediately. You can set a maximum cap on the number of queries assigned to any agent so that no one is overloaded. The software will also map the follow up emails to existing tickets for easy access.

Auto response to customer queries for optimum resource utilization

While the agents take care of handling queries and issues through other channels, the customers can’t be kept waiting for a reply to his emails. Automatic response system helps the agents to focus on resolving the queries instead of trying to type replies to customers. The customizable response templates can be used to supply information to the clients without wasting the precious time of your agents.

Automatic reporting and administrative controls for better analysis

Customer support team needs detailed reports and email management system can help you with that. Once the tickets are closed, reports are generated automatically with information on time taken to close the ticket. The email management software also provides administrators with privileges to set up users and assign roles.

While automating the process, the email management software also allows you to have complete control over the system. You can customize the software for your business using various features of the software.

Attivvo Email management software is a complete solution to streamline your email management process. It would help you maximize the productivity and efficiency of your agents while improving the overall customer experience.

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