5 Important Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Call Center Software

Important Questions

When you run a call center, whether it is an inbound call center, outbound call center or the combination of these two i.e. blended call center, you have to handle calls. While managing any type of call center, sometimes you face problems like customer is not satisfied because call center support is not good, or all the channels for communication are not available etc. So, to manage all these problems, use a robust call center software. Call Center Software is a way to run your call center effectively & efficiently. So you must ask these five important questions before buying call center software.

Call Center Software

Is the call center software scalable?

When you invest in technology, you want your software to be future proof. It should grow with your growth. So before buying the call center software, find out how many seats it is scalable up to? Does it support multiple telephony servers & CTI servers?

What are the features availbale?

Every software has different features. So sometimes you may be confused which software you have to buy. So you need to know about some important features of call center software that will help you to buy call center software. Here I’m giving you a list of important call center software features.

  • Dynamic CLI Options
  • Advance Dialling Rules
  • Centralized Lead Uploader
  • Voice and Screen Recording
  • NCPR Support
  • Manual Dialling
  • Manage Queue
  • Agent Status Alerts
  • Text to Speech
  • Outbound Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Power Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer
  • IVR Solution
  • Live Chat
  • Call Transfer to Other Extensions
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Multiple Telephone Line Support both Analog or Digital
  • Voice Logging
  • Workforce Management
  • Flow Selection on DNIS (Dialled Number Identification Service) & ANI (Automatic Number Identification)

So when you buy call center software keep in mind these features.

Can you integrate call center software with your existing application?

The most important feature you’re looking for call center software is backend integration i.e. CRM Integration so that your agents can easily get customer information to handle the customers effectively, integration with any database like Oracle, MySQL, SQL etc, social media integration to manage social medial channels like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Software customization, up-gradation & support blended agents is possible?

Before buying the call center software, you must ask software customization is possible or not for routing parameters, automation rules etc and also ask about the software up-gradation like How are upgrades performed? Are new upgrades automatically available as they released? Don’t forget to ask software support blended agents or not to handle both outbound and inbound calls to meet the organization goals.

Who will guide you to use the software?

Sometimes it’s easy to understand how to use software. But in case of Call Center Software, you need a demo to understand the software. So request for a demo, then sales person will give you a demo and solve your all queries related to call center software. After buying the software they’ll also provide you training, if need.

After getting the answer of all questions, if you believe its the right time to switch. Move on the updated Call Center Software that fulfill you business needs and helps to build better customer relationship.