Why Redundancy, Scalability And High Availability Are Essential For Your Contact Center?

Did you know that outages massively affect even huge companies like Skype? You may not have the customer base of Skype, but you surely know how disastrous downtime can be to your revenue. Studies show that in almost every country, 7 out of 10 customers end business relationships due to poor customer services. To ensure productivity, quick customer transactions, and the overall good reputation of your company, highly efficient contact centers are a must. High availability, scalability, and redundancy are of supreme importance for the next generation contact center.

Contact Center Software


Is your business growing fast, faster than you projected? To keep up with the trajectory of your growth, you need to upgrade your services accordingly. If you cannot move fast, you will lose out to competitors with higher scalability. In technical terms, scalability means expanding and contracting services as necessary.

Organizations need to scale up with growing business. Waiting for new hardware, software, location set-ups can be catastrophic when you are faced with rapid expansion.  An on premises contact center solution is highly secured in terms of data security. But it should be efficient enough to handle the expansion of your business with high scalability which can handle this expansion at ease. With an on premise contact provider, you can use internal team for the supervision that can better source and handle greater volume of transactions. Today with customer expectations being all time high, companies need to invest in a contact center software that is future proof and easily scalable.


High Availability

High availability is simply the ability to maintain continual operationality even during times of hardware or software failures within the system. High availability facilities ensure that operations continue to run smoothly during the detection and recovery of problems like server network loss or application faults.

In many cases, high availability is synonymous with disaster recovery, which enables operationality during natural or man-made disasters. High availability makes certain that unplanned downtime does not negatively impact your revenue or displease your customer.


In order to meet high customer expectations, businesses must embrace new features that augment the native capabilities of their solutions. The importance of redundancy here is undeniable. Redundancy to put it in easy terms, means backup; the Plan B when unfortunate circumstances interrupt your primary service.

There can be many ways to set up redundant systems. You can create redundant PBX or database that facilitate communications when a primary server application fails.

You can design server virtualization to provide mobility to the application in case a hardware server becomes unavailable. High redundancy strategies for your service center can mean increased reliability and dependence from your customers.

You can get all kinds of benefits like data security, improvement in sales and support capabilities when you have the ability to scale quickly to meet business demands. High availability ensures continuous superior customer service with minimum downtime.


InterDialog UCCS , next generation  contact center software from Teckinfo is a feature rich call center software that enables your organization cater to customers’ needs with high quality and consistent services. InterDialog UCCS seamlessly integrates with all third party applications and databases. With a highly scalable unified contact center software that ensures high availability, your contact center is always up and running with enhanced efficiency while providing rich customer experience all the time.