Why Call Recording Software Is Important For Your Contact Center Solutions?

Most of the contact centers that have software for call recording, have it  to comply with government policies about call monitoring, or  in some cases, industry regulations. However, there are lots of reasons why having call recording software should be a top priority for all contact centers. Having this ability in their day-to-day operations has endless advantages that should not be overlooked. Some of the most important reasons why it is sensible to have a call recording software for your contact center solutions are:

Training Purposes: Before a call center agent is hired, they are usually taken through extensive training and orientation of possible case scenarios they may encounter while on the job. This training will however, prove inadequate for some situations after a few weeks. Having call monitoring makes it possible to revisit and review events and as such, have ongoing agent training for new scenarios that were unforeseen during initial training. It also enables guiding the agents through best practices for each case.

Managing Human Resources: A manager could be allocated a large number of agents under him. It then becomes a challenge, or even impossible, to individually monitor the performance of each agent. Use of call recording software will enable the manager review records of his agents and thus reduce supervision time and also increase the effectiveness of his training. Additionally, agents who are well trained will reduce costs of hiring and training new staff by reducing employee turnover.

Quality Assurance: Call recording software makes it possible for managers to review any call at any time for call quality. This provides a very good way of gaining an insight into a typical conversation between an agent and a customer and also goes a long way in helping managers to quickly address any issues. Not all customers would file a complaint after having a negative experience with an agent. This means that bad behavior on the part of the agent can continue for months until it is addressed. Therefore, call recording software enables identification of such problems before they start causing damage to the organization.

Reduced Costs: Use of call center recording software goes a long way in reducing operational costs of contact centers. This is achieved through reduction of paper trails by eliminating the need of having written evaluations, storage material and space for the hard copy records, and other related material. It also benefits the environment by reducing waste that comes from the contact center.

Agent Self Evaluation: The best agents in any field are those who realize their weak points and take the initiative to make corrections or improvement without the intervention of a manager. Call monitoring software makes it possible for agents to assess their performance and in the process, learn from their own mistakes and make the necessary changes to better their performance.

Apart from these reasons also by recording conversations, one can create a wealth of data which helps you to analyze the business and take your customer service levels to newer heights. But for this you need a state-of-the-art recorder/ logger which not only captures the customer experience but helps you maintain all your data in an easily accessible manner.

Teckinfo Solutions has two such products for you.

Ninox is a voice/screen recorder which takes care of all critical recording/logging requirements be it Call Center/BPO, Financial Services, Financial Trading, Telecom. Government or any business where recording/logging is essential. With the added feature of screen recording, proper capturing of customer data is possible which extremely important especially in places like Path Labs, Banks & Stock Trading etc.

Having vast volumes of data scattered across the organization, timely and orderly retrieval of   data becomes difficult along with the overheads associated with getting the data at a central place.

So, Teckinfo has gone a step further & introduced Ninox+

NINOX+ is an independent tool that can be used at an organizational level to collate real time screen & voice recording data from each of their branches / locations on real time basis and transfer it to the central repository of the organization. Screen and Voice data from third party recorders / logger can also push their files, through an API, thus protecting investments already made by companies at the branches and other location. Information collected at each centre is converted, compressed and sent to a centralized repository for storage over the company VPN or MPLS network. Ninox+ can also give you single point of monitoring of branches by giving you information and alerts on the status of the voice recorder / logger (whether recording / not recording) at each location.
With an easy-to-use front end one can find and retrieve data by simply searching based on branch, location, city, regions etc. thus saving vital time, money and manpower from this activity. This tool can be used to not only adhere to government norms, but also protect the organization against any miscommunications, train and develop new staff and elevate customer experience to a level that encourages long-term relationships and reliability.

Bring NINOX+ into the ecosystem of your organization and watch the efficiency shoot up while your overhead expenses, manual labour and scope for human error diminish largely.

Written by Ajay Tyagi, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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