Use Live Web Chat to Enthrall Your Customers

Customers browsing through your website or online shopping store might have some queries that need immediate attention. Not everyone will take the trouble to call up a customer support number or write an email. In such a scenario, live web chat can play an important role in connecting with customers and providing them instant response to their queries. In a world where companies are jostling to grab customer attention, live chat serves a useful tool to forge a bond with customers. Studies have shown that companies offering the live chat option are becoming more popular, especially with the younger generation.

live web chatLive Web Chat provides a quick, personalized and cost effective way to engage with customers at any given time or location. Answering customer queries prior to a purchase, guiding them through the sales process or resolving post-purchase issues are all important steps in the customer engagement process. Being responsive to customers and providing them great digital experience not only helps strengthen customer loyalty but also has a tremendous impact on a company’s long-term branding and market reputation.

Don’t let your potential customers click away

Anyone who visits your website can be seen as a potential customer or new business opportunity that must be tapped. If you are not able to influence him, someone else will. With live chat, service agents can proactively interact with customers and prospects, understand their requirements and suggest the right kind of products. In the absence of live online support, customers feel a bit disconnected and lost while browsing through products. If their basic questions are not answered, they are quite likely to click away to another website.

Use live chat integration to maximize business value  

Customer service organizations are using live chat integration to streamline their chat processes and to derive maximum business value from their web interactions. These solutions have the ability to route messages to the correct agents and effectively manage customer interactions. Service agents can see what customers are browsing and give them targeted offers at the right time. Companies can also use online surveys and other tools to gather more data about customers and market trends.

Provide live online support to resolve their issues promptly

As customer expectations continue to rise and patience levels go down, it is becoming critical for service organizations to enhance the speed and efficiency of their services. Live chat solutions provide a number of features that enable agents to easily comprehend customer problems and resolve them promptly. They don’t have to endlessly wait on toll free phone lines or wade through a maze of automated self-service menus. The ease of accessibility and effectiveness of this channel is well aligned with the needs of today’s digitally-oriented customers and their fast-paced lives.

Enthrall customers with personalized experience and on-demand service

Live chat software provides agents with easy access to contextual data and helps in improving their understanding of customers. You can quickly view all relevant customer details – name, location, past purchases, inquiries etc. – on a single dashboard to have a more meaningful conversation with customers and explore new business opportunities. Customized reports and filtering options can also be used to gain a better insight into customer preferences and provide them personalized, on-demand service that is well-suited to their needs.

Add more value with Unified Interaction Management

Along with quick and responsive chat, other modes like Voice, email & social media integration adds an advantage for effective customer service. A scenario where the human voice will empathize and help the irate customers in resolving his query or complaint, the unified view enables the agent to see customer’s previous modes and the actual interaction to meet his requirements. Integration with email & social media plays an important role as well. Email as an active mode of communication for sending notification or the status of the customer’s issue. In an Unified Communication Solution, the social media interactions are catered as effectively as other modes by quick replies.

Written by Ms. Manisha Gupta