Transform your Contact Center with Omni Channel Customer Engagement

Modern day contact centers are increasingly transforming themselves into a radical, dynamic and proactive information base that drives customer engagement. The current buzzword is building omnichannel customer engagement to facilitate better communication, customer retention and delivering superior service. Organizations today are recognizing the critical role of driving customer experiences and winning customer loyalty. Here are a few ways by which you can transform your contact center into customer engagement center.

#1 Technology

Modern day successful contact centers are driven by cutting edge technology and a skilled workforce. A centralized CRM database can help agents to deliver the best possible service by having access to all customer interactions in the system. Also, giving the customer option of visual IVR can empower them through self-service. Chatbots and Text Messaging services are also gaining ground to deliver superior service at a faster rate. Using a unified center software which provides a single interface for all communication channels empowers your agents and brings in efficiency in the system.

#2 Strategy

As a contact center you need to map out every customer’s interaction chart and devise a strategy to build an omnichannel culture. You should be able to define customer goals and assign agents in accordance to meeting those goals. Training and motivation programs should be included to emphasize a culture of quality service via all communication channels.

#3 Customer Focussed Engagement

To build a truly omnichannel engagement initiative, contact center should research, learn and use all those communication channels that customers prefer and are most responsive to. While it is necessary to provide a seamless experience across all interaction mediums, this method will drive maximum customer engagement at the most intimate level.

Moreover, it is critical to listen to your customers and take their view seriously. Analyse their behaviour from different channels to see where you can focus more. Whether it is the live chat, social media or contact form . The most used channels can be given more attention to improvise and offer a better experience.

#4 Performance Metrics

Observing and measuring the performance of certain KPIs of a contact center can help build the omnichannel engagement experience better. From Average Handling Time (AHT) to resolution turnaround time (TAT), you can assess agent productivity and contact center efficiency. Furthermore, call holding time and abandoned call rates can also be measured to understand customer satisfaction levels. In order to achieve the maximum efficiency from all the channels that you are using, observe how agents are working along those channels and re-route them if needed to raise the percentage of customer satisfaction.

#5 Optimal Channel Usage

The most important part of omnichannel approach is to ensure maximum efficiency across all the mediums. Mere presence without matching the customer service quality is a waste of resource and may contribute to customer dissatisfaction. Whatever channels you are using, key is to optimally use them all to drive customer engagement at the highest level.


Building an omnichannel contact center that drives customer engagement is all about putting customers on priority. With latest technology and well trained workforce, teamwork is the base at which omnichannel communication stands. Maintaining consistency in service quality across all channels will lead to better customer experiences.

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