The New and Improved : Interdialog Dialer – Omnichannel Call Center Solutions

In today’s times when technology is progressing as fast as times are running short, the best way to get in touch with your customers is via mobile. It is the one device that no one would ever leave behind, even when they are moving from one room to another. However, at an organizational level, trying to contact customers via mobile means that a major amount of co-ordination needs to be undertaken. Is the user interested in a promotional call? Can a larger number of customers, in the same segment, be reached faster and cheaper? Most importantly, can the number of agents and by extension, the risk of human error be cut down?

The answer to all these questions and many more is simple. The answer is YES. And how? By using the Teckinfo solution : InterDialog Dialer.


An intelligent tool that is a one-stop expert to manage and co-ordinate all your operations and campaigns involving customer calling. The InterDialog Dialer can dial multiple call lists parallely, detect answering machines vs an actual person answering the call and can also re-route calls intelligently to available agents, to cut down on the percentage of dropped calls. It also has the option of leaving a message if an answering machine picks the call, priority dialling and dialling based on the customers’ time zones. Most importantly, it does not call numbers registered on the Do Not Disturb registry, thus ensuring that no government regulations are flouted.

Teckinfo has now taken this solution and given it more firepower. In addition to the features highlighted above, InterDialog Dialer now also provides Least Cost Routing (LCR) and Campaign-wise PRI Detection. It monitors the dialling processes by using a feature called Advanced Dialling Rules. ADR allows the dialler to monitor and control the way the system dials out to the customers and calling lists, based on rules such as the Time and Day based rules, the Number based rule and the Maximum Attempts based rules. These customized rules help in automating organizational campaigns, thus reducing the overhead of co-ordination as well as the risk of human error. The new  InterDialog Dialer with enchanced features also tracks the status of the agents using the Agent Status Alerter (Thresholds) feature and provides Advanced System Alerts via SMS and Email.

Bringing with it not only the old but also a kaleidoscope of new and improved features, the InterDialog Dialer works not only as an important addition into an organisation’s system, but also as an agent’s to significantly reduce the dependency on agents, the risk of human error and unnecessary overhead in trying to contact a wide customer base, one customer at a time. Generate customised calling lists, personal messages for these calling lists and improve the efficiency of the agents by directing calls from busy desks to relatively less burdened ones. Create a campaign and watch this amazing tool work its wonders and spread awareness amongst customers just at the touch of a couple of buttons.

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