OmniChannel World – A Seamless Approach to Customer Experience


Digital revolution has ushered a new era, which has, shattered established norms and made the world a strange place. The world’s largest taxi company owns no cars; the biggest media company owns no content; the most valuable retailer owns no inventory and the most popular provider of hotel rooms owns no real estate.

Uber, LinkedIn, Alibaba and Airbnb – are dominating their respective industries only by offering an inventive, slick yet simplified consumer experience moored around mobile and digital channels.

The message to absorb from the mentioned success stories is that an innovative, distinguished, and well-organized digital customer experience may well be the company’s most valuable asset.

OmniChannel refers to generating constant ubiquitous interaction capability between an organization and its users. It enables the users to interact via interface of their choice and ensures organization remembers the current transaction, so when the user continues via another interface, system picks up where the interaction left off thus seamlessly providing a rich user experience across multiple channels.

Studies have shown that businesses that adopt the OmniChannel strategies are achieving more than 90% customer retention rates compared to those who don’t.



The Catalyst

With the advent of mobile phone, consumers have become more informed and more powerful. Consumers are connected like never before and easily canvass opinion on various digital platforms, spreading the word about good or bad service in an instant.

As per the Technology predictions, there will be 8.6 billion mobile connections by 2020 and 5.8 billion smartphones.

Younger generations are more likely to communicate by SMS, Messenger and WhatsApp than telephone. Even older demographic groups, once they get the hang of the technology, convert rapidly.



The greatest challenge for OmniChannel is the integration of all channels with one another, and with existing technology platform in companies.

Currently only around 5% of companies offer integrated cross-channel experience, while 27% have no integration of channels at all, according to CCIQ’s Next-Generation Customer Engagement Report.

Most companies are struggling to identify the huge disconnect between where companies need to be and current capabilities. The challenges primarily fall into three categories:

  • The ability to match the pace given the strategic importance of digital transformation.
  • Identifying the best use of different channels in relation to customer experience
  • Accounting for existing technology infrastructure, legacy systems, and business processes.



The steps outlined below, will assist any contact center in their objective of offering genuine OmniChannel experiences:


  1. Identify a best of breed solution to integrate Digital Customer Interactions

The need is to unify digital and mobile channels with the existing contact center infrastructure, ERP, CRM and Sales Channel to deliver OmniChannel customer experience. An interactive digital channel application uses APIs to integrate with contact center’s existing telephony infrastructure, CRM and back office layers. It will enable digital and mobile interactions routed in the same way as phone calls, enabling personalization and consistency of service by agents.


  1. Re-Structure to achieve 360° visibility

The key is to ensure seamless integration of multiple channels optimized to account for customer needs across different which will lead to following benefits:

  • Predict customer requirements to improve service.
  • Differentiate customers according to value and products.
  • Enhance consumer experiences by enabling them to complete complex, multi-stage transactions efficiently
  • Deliver consistent service and proactive communication and thus living up to your brand values across all channels.

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