Next Generation Contact Center Solutions For Telecom Companies

With the advent of technology, the world is getting to be a smaller place. It is easier to get in touch with people sitting even halfway across the world, be it friends, family or customers. Progress at such high speed also increases the complexity of handling communication processes, such as Contact Centres, BPOs, etc. Today, organizations are constantly on the lookout for solutions to improve the efficiency as well as security of their communication channels with their customers. These processes can be boosted to not only help organizations and their customers’ interactions but also to pass and collect messages selectively, store critical information and intelligently cut down costs while providing value for money.

Telecom companies today know that Customer experience is going to be the key differentiator for competition, today customers want companies to value their time, so going for a unified contact center solutions makes sense for all Telecom companies.

The InterDialog Unified Contact Centre Suite by Teckinfo is a Contact Center Solutions that provides an end-to-end solution for tackling common organizational requirements such as Lead Management, Data Capture and Online/Offline Verification, among others. This solution has also been configured by Teckinfo to fit the industry standards perfectly. The InterDialog UCCS can now take care of end-to-end processes for the sale of sim cards, value added services as well as prepaid and postpaid connections. It also caters to various customer needs such as change in tariff plans, activation/deactivation of any value added services, customer complaints, etc.

The InterDialog UCCS creates a database of customer information which helps in online verifications, targeting the right kind of customers for campaigns to maximize impact and to address their issues as quickly as possible. In addition, it also maintains a database of agent productivity and works intelligently towards improving this. Factors such as Average Handling Time, Wrap Up Time and Productive Time play an important role in these decisions. Apart from these, the InterDialog UCCS also maintains the collated data under tight security with access granted according to selective permissions to ensure data integrity and high level privacy.

Each field visit costs the telecom companies a lot of money, so going for a solution like InterDialog UCCS that provides consistent customer experience across all channels like voice, video, email, chat or social media and resolves customer issues faster is the need of the hour.

Written by Prashant Tiwari, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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