Mr. Nalin Mital speaks with CIO Review

In today’s times, the whole world is online and the delay between contact and response gets shorter and shorter every day. Since a customer is the lynchpin of the plan of an organization’s success, to be able to stay on the top of their game, it is extremely important for organizations to be able to satisfy their customer’s demands with as little lag as possible. And how do they do that? Simple…by getting faster and more efficient. No longer do they need to be bogged down by the overhead of hardware or unnecessary delays due to manual intervention.

Teckinfo has a host of solutions that address these and several other common issues faced by Contact Centres and organizations using Voice Process Solutions. Recently, our MD – Nalin Mital spoke with CIO Review about how the industries today are moving towards an integrated and unified solution for voice, video and data processes. These solutions help not only to centralize process management but also to reduce overhead costs of additional infrastructure for collection, storage and management of data. Mr. Mital spoke about Teckinfo’s vision for and contribution to the trending unification of processes.

He talked about InterDialog CCS, a groundbreaking solution created by Teckinfo. InterDialog Contact Center Suite (CCS) is a proactive, scalable, end-to end solution that eliminates the overhead of managing your organization’s processes individually by integrating the applications and their functionality into one central software. This software will monitor and control critical business processes to allow complete visibility over the performance and productivity of the contact centre.

InterDialog Unified Agent gives a variety of ways the agent can address the interaction.  Customers can interact by Video, Voice, Chat, email, SMS and Social Media with an agent, and all these interactions will be stored as history. So if the customer interacts again through any medium, he does not have to repeat what he had interacted earlier, it’s all there for the agent to refer too.

Mr. Mital also discussed the advantages of investing in InterDialog AOD (Automatic Outbound Dialer). Built to completely eliminate human intervention and thus greatly cut down on costs and human error, InterDialog AOD is a highly scalable software that streamlines tele-calling by introducing state of the art features such as pre-recorded voice messages, text-to-speech translation for customized messages over each phone call, etc.

Over the course of the interview, some of our other landmark solutions were also talked about in great detail. Galaxy HelpDesk Software, Ninox+, IVREdge and ViaSMS with the vision of not only elevating customer experience but also reducing unnecessary overhead expenses as well as scope for delay or error. Where Galaxy HelpDesk is a CRM tool that streamlines customer interactions by using high level incident tracking, email, chat, sms and voice interactions with customers, while ViaSMS target the short messaging service or SMS specifically as a form of instant communication and alerter to the customers. IVREdge automates nearly the entire interaction a customer has with an organization’s CRM by way of a voice response system to guide and walk the customer through the system until a solution is reached. It helps to eliminate the overhead of managing multiple agents, as well as to reduce the risk of human error. Ninox+, released very recently, addresses the issue that organizations face when trying to collate data from the different branches that maybe located anywhere across the world. Ninox+ installs a central repository where all the data is converted to a common format and stored on a common platform, thus enabling easy access and cost-effective processes for the organization.

We continuously strive to work on new technologies and currently working on WebRTC, and have a successful deployment at a prestigious customer site. Being associated with our customers for long and helping them maximize their efficiency and productivity helps us build long terms partnerships which are vital for our business. We currently work in 30 odd Industry verticals provided them with customized Customer Interaction Management Solutions. High proficiency and extremely high domain knowledge make our products truly world class.

We at Teckinfo congratulate Mr. Mital on this lovely opportunity of being featured on CIO review and thank him for making us proud!


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