Managing & Reducing Call Queue Wait Time is Important

Enhancing customer experience is always the primary goal of every contact center. In an inbound contact center customer is approaching either for inquires or complaints, in the former case customer is inquisitive and in the latter one they are looking to get a quick resolution.

In both the scenarios keeping customer in a long wait time queue will be detrimental to the reputation of the organization. That’s why all contact centres must go for the right technology and the strategy to reduce the call queue time and provide consistent, excellent customer experience.

Call queue wait time is a common term used in inbound call centers, it’s a voice message which everybody has heard e.g. “Your call is important to us. All our agents are busy please wait. Your wait time is xx minutes”. In simple words call queue wait time is the time for which the customer has to wait before getting in touch with the customer care executive.

Why Call queue time needs to be monitored closely?

First and the foremost indication of a long wait time is that a lot of customers are facing the issues with products & services of the company, so that needs to be improved, but apart from that call wait time needs to be consistently monitored and necessary measures to be taken  in order to decrease customer frustration and call abandonment. Management and the supervisors should keep an eagle eye on this and see how this can be managed and reduced.

Reasons for long call queue wait time

Call Handling Time: The call center agent is not be able to understand the customer issues and henceforth taking more time to resolve it.

Inadequate Staff: The number of agents are less than the number of incoming calls resulting in long wait time for the customers.

Old Technology: Using an outdated technology can be a factor for such wait time. Right technology will assist the agent better by transferring all required information to agent before the customer is connected to the agent.

How to reduce call queue wait time?

Smart IVR:  Intelligent self- service options with multi-level IVR will help resolve the routine queries through the IVR and only the complex queries need to go to the agent.

Intelligent Routing: With skill based and other advanced routing options, the customer is routed to the right agent for quick resolution thus decreasing the call queue.

Shuffle your workforce: Identify the customer service agents who are good in giving the quick first call resolutions to the customer. The customer with low urgencies can be routed to other available agents.

Call Handling Time:  Customer service agents should have the facility to view the calls in queue so that they can strategize their call handling time. To motivate more, incentivise the agents who have lower AHT.

Call back option: If the call queue wait time is long, smart IVRS should give an option to the customer to take his call back request. And as soon as any agent is free an automatic outbound call should be initiated to that respective customer.

Long call queue wait time can be monitored & reduced with all these suggested ways and with the help of right contact center software.

Efficient handling of all customer interactions will communicate to the customer that your organization is dedicated to resolving their issues at the earliest.

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