Integrate Digital Channels with Voice Channel for Providing Seamless Customer Experience

For every successful business, a seamless customer support desk is a priority. Modes of communication in the digitized business environment have evolved rapidly. Business firms, too, are integrating digital channels for voice support to enhance their customer experience. Business firms interact with their customers through various platforms and this is not limited solely through voice calls.

Interaction on the go

A popular interaction strategy to resolve issues faced by customers is to use on the go interaction. Integrating digital channels in call centres, companies can enhance the communication infrastructure. A large number of business firms have added other communication platforms like social media, email, and chat to the list of communication platforms. However, the agent you count upon should be able to provide all the services on a single platform.

Omnichannel interaction

On collaborating with a unified contact center solution provider, companies can enjoy an omni-channel interaction with their customers. It is for this reason that are outsourcing these services to established service providers. They can enjoy the following benefits from the digitally integrated voice support platforms:

  • Seamless inbound routing
  • Multilevel IVR
  • CIM specific to industry
  • Timely notifications for email interactions
  • Integration of SMS for quick responses
  • Supervisor tools
  • Escalation matrix
  • Analytics and reports

Considering the advancement in technology, you should collaborate with a contact centre solution provider. The business firms can benefit to a significant extent, engaging with their customers and improving the communication strategy. Most of the business firms that are customer-oriented are striving to integrate these technologies. They are encouraging tech-savvy customers to upgrade to channels that are more efficient. In the process, you can also retail the loyal followers.

Various means of communication

A research reveals that 67% of the customers are comfortable in moving beyond the conventional communication channels like telephone. They are ready to embrace modern means of communication. Channel shift, therefore, can be carried out in the business firms, keeping the overall benefits of the customers in mind.

Customers facts

Around 45% of the consumers stated that they would prefer a combination of new and traditional methods when they seek customer support services. 22% of the respondents stated that they would prefer webchat and other modern channels solely for customer support services. Again, 33% of the respondents prefer traditional channels for communication. Evidently, it is wise to integrate the digital channels of communication, while retaining the traditional platforms. This can enhance the overall experience of the consumers.

Cater various customer’s needs

From the research figures, it appears that the preferences of customers are quite complex, when they consider the channels. However, it is important for business firms to leverage the technology they are using to provide the support. In case, you are willing to go for the channel shift, you should get across to a reputed service provider. Integrating digital channels with voice support will help you cater to all types of customers.


It is crucial for your business to live up to the expectations of the consumers. You need to consider the complex aspirations of these masses and take comprehensive steps to address the same.  Voice channels, along with digital platforms like email, chat and social media can help you communicate with all classes of customers.

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