How intelligent inbound routing in a Call Center Software helps callers reach the right agent

We have been extensively hearing the phrase “Customer is the king” in the past decade. This emphasis has driven the rise of call centers catering to multiple needs of customers with appropriate solutions. On the other hand, long queues on customer care have also tested customers’ patience levels. To reduce tedious efforts of consumers to reach the companies and their representatives, many software development firms have designed amazing call software solutions.

Call centers are categorically inbound or outbound or both. Inbound centers receive incoming calls, emails, messages, and chats whereas the outbound call centers execute the job of contacting the customers through various channels. Inbound call centers help customers in registration, order placing, trouble shooting, and act as information hubs.

Companies provide multiple services under a single brand to access wide range of customers. However, the employees deployed for a particular service are concept trained and may not be able to do justice to the rest of services provided. When a customer lands on an inbound channel, it is necessary to provide him/her assistance with the right product and service and so there is a call routing in place to enable customer reach the correct department. The Call Center software exclusively designed for these purposes does the job intelligently.

  • Automated call distribution: This is a process of routing a call to the concerned agent basing on the information to be provided, the agent’s operational skill and the availability of an agent. This helps inbound call centers with heavy flow to get uniform call distribution across the agents available by identifying agents with long idle time on their console.
  • Skill Based Routing: Customers who call repeatedly for their issues are identified by the software and are routed to skilled employees trained in handling toughest issues. This ensures resolution of issues with higher level of accuracy.
  • Unified Agent: To reach higher percentile of customers, companies are deploying their personnel on various channels. It is an attempt to reach out to each customer through their preferred means and it is only possible through the software.
  • Website Call back: The software allows to customer to arrange a callback from the website with a simple click and can receive a call immediately.
  • Priority Call Routing: It is possible to reduce abandonment of customers’ calls by enabling them to pass the queue and get connected to the agent directly. They also can get notified about the tentative waiting time while in queue or can even opt for a call back at their preferable time.
  • Call History/CIM: This feature enables the agent to identify customers and their issues. The details of customer’s past interactions via all the channels establish the status of the caller to give away customized support.

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