How government and other social agencies can reach out to people for political campaigns, social campaigns, for surveys or for any other scheme

Use of call center technology by corporate world or business communities is an established fact. It has helped business community to effectively reach out to customers and shape positive brand perception. Organizations are able to communicate with the customers, get feedback on their product and services thereby using the information gathered to define the roadmap for the future and take critical business decisions.

The phenomenon has caught the attention of political entities and various social organizations, as at fundamental level they also need to connect with the populace to share their vision and influence people’s opinion. They have realized the immense potential of call center technology and accordingly have started using the same. Whether you want to add volunteers to your party, or advertise about your government’s achievement or conduct a social survey to develop party’s manifesto etc. all of it is possible through call center technology; icing on the cake being it is much cheaper than traditional methods.

Our Automated Voice Blasting Solution is a specially designed software specifically developed to run political campaigns or social surveys. It will help you dial large volumes of phone numbers with customized messages with no human intervention. You simply use the message designer to personalize the messages as per phone numbers/groups etc. and upload the numbers to the database, rest the software will take care. Key Features of the software are:

  • Automated calls to large masses
  • Pre-recorded voice message with response capture
  • Detect a live person pick up & busy tone
  • Interactive touch-tone confirmation and voice response
  • Auto retry of unanswered numbers
  • Works with Voice over IP
  • Live monitoring of calls
  • Accurate report analytics on answered & unanswered calls.
  • Remote access capability allows you to run and check the program from a remote location
  • Command Line Interface provided for custom integration


Following is a list of possible use cases where we can help you:

  • Run Advertising Campaigns
  • Feedback calls for customer ratings &services
  • Tell customers about new offers and services
  • Voter Surveys
  • Big Data Analysis of the collected data to mine vital information to take critical political discussion
  • Conduct Social surveys to assess success of any government scheme or social campaigns run by social organizations

The above is only a few known ways the technology is being used in this sector and not a comprehensive list. If you are political party or a social organization searching for a solution to effectively engage with people or facing challenges with existing solution; look no further, contact us to discuss and we will work out a solution for you.

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