Flight Information Display System (FIDS) – A vital requirement of airports

What is the first thing a commuter does when he walks into an airport? The answer is, look for electronic displays which informs him about the flight number, departure gate, check-in desk number, etc. Every information that the commuter needs is available on these displays and are updated on the real-time basis; making it supremely easy for commuter to navigate through a complex process.

This complex and integrated system is called as a Flight Information Display System (FIDS). FIDS is very critical for effective running of any airport operation; and are strategically placed all across the airport to ensure that commuters are well informed and on the move ensuring timely departure of flights.

Flight Information Display System

Blazon Pro FIDS is an easy to use flexible, expansible & robust flight information display system that helps airport to display passenger information, flight information, baggage belt information, check-in counter, boarding gate information etc.

Key Features of Blazon Pro FIDS:

  • Real Time update of vital information like gate no, baggage belt number etc.
  • Advertising Module to display advertisement or marketing material
  • Display Designer Module allowing authorities to create different layouts and screen templates
  • Scheduler to switch content automatically
  • Multilingual display is available

Keeping the latest technology trends into consideration BlazonPro FIDS also supports integration with digital platforms like social media, websites, app etc. The architecture is open which means with the help of API various platforms can be integrated to provide commuters a rich experience. Administrators can generate customized reports in multiple formats like XML, CSV etc. and can be shared using multiple methods like email, html, and direct SQL transfer.

By deploying well designed BlazonPro FIDS one can achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduce time spend by commuters on the terminals
  • Minimize enquiries or direct interaction between staff and commuters
  • Reduce manpower required due to extensive automation and complex integration
  • Enhanced passenger experience and satisfaction

FIDS is not just displayed with flight information, it’s the gateway to commuter experience. A robust FIDS is a differentiator between running a relaxed, confident airport or a chaotic and stressed airport.

We here at BlazonPro understand the criticality of FIDS and actively strive towards improving the system. There is a continuous effort to identify smallest of opportunity to improve the commuter experience and making the system more effective.

In short, if you need a trusted solution for your airport, do not look beyond BlazonPro FIDS.

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